The intricacies of sports gear: shorts for Boxing!


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Each sport has its own specific equipment. The shape of the gymnast not to be confused with football, hockey – with the form of the rider. And boxers have their own style of clothing, and form, for example, in Thai Boxing will be somewhat different than in the traditional classic.

Why shorts?

Boxing shortsSports shorts and shorts for Boxing in many ways similar. They are approximately the same length. Material for their production is silky and durable – satin, polyester, satin, etc. and he And the other clothing is loose enough so as not to interfere with the athletes to move my legs. However, if the boxers are kept on the body due to the normal elastic, the shorts for Boxing is provided with wide elastic and at the same time, the rigid belt, made by special technology. Belt keeps excellent press, tightens the muscles, helping the athlete to keep them in good shape. It does not compress the internal organs, does not cause pain or simply discomfort. Similar shorts Boxing give you the opportunity to optimally stretch and coordinate the work of all the abdominal muscles, the fighter can control your body, feel every muscle.

Another major advantage of sports shorts front shorts-in the style of the first. Collected in the belt, they expand towards the bottom. Sides are made of special sections. With this design, the Boxing shorts do not restrict movement of the athlete, it can easily work legs which during the match is extremely important.

Shorts choose them right! 

shorts for Thai BoxingWith all the richness and diversity offered by different firms-producers of sportswear for Boxing, to choose the option that will be the best quality and most comfortable for you, it is not always easy. You need to consider the many nuances, from the size and finishing colors. Because buying the entire set or separate parts, you need to adopt a few rules:


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  • The classic Shorts or shorts Thai Boxing Must be made of the so-called “breathable” fabrics, durable and with a sliding effect. Such materials prevent excessive sweating during the fight, allow the body to breathe. Being durable, they will not tear during the hard moments of the match. Skimming the body, they will not irritate the skin and will not cause discomfort. Easily being twisted around the legs, they don't stop the Boxing “dancing” in the ring.
  • buy shorts for Thai BoxingTo Buy shorts for Thai Boxing and traditional, better striking and bright colors. They catch the eye and serve as a kind of identification mark of the athlete. Deep saturated colors evoke specific psychological mood – passion, desire to win, discipline, focus, poise. In sports there is nothing accidental, and often one or the other victory comes not only from the excellent work of a fighter, but from a “little things” like the color and quality sports clothing and attributes. Another important factor – it gets dirty quickly and needs frequent washing. Fabrics naturally wear out and fade. But the bright colors keep their color longer pastel. And when you consider the price of real branded gear, the benefits are obvious.
  • Do Not forget about style. In the hips, pelvis, crotch, even with the same size can be different widths and lengths. Remember: boxer shorts should be of medium length, so not too long and not quite short. Their own body proportions fighter play choice a decisive role.

Final touch

Someone when buying Boxing form, focuses on the brand name of the manufacturer, someone takes into account the ease and convenience of clothing, someone takes into account other criteria. Most important, perhaps, in your personal comfort. If the form looks like «second skin”, consequently, it's yours!

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