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It's No secret that some of the products attract the eye with only one material from which they are made. Such is the velvet-a fabric that has long been valued in aristocratic society. Any lady turns into a Queen, if her outfit is made from velvet, because it is his view emphasizes luxury and dignity.


Velvet-fabric with a fairly dense vertical bristles short length on the front side. Also added base, made from natural silk or synthetic fibers.

What are the properties of velvet? If it is produced exclusively from silk fibers, this material has many advantages. These include the fact that velvet stuff is able to retain their properties for many years. Also velvet can absorb a lot of moisture, but it dries a little longer than the silk.

velvet fabric

In Addition, the experts identified the following positive characteristics of the described fabric:

  • Does not cause allergic reactions;
  • Does not lose its original appearance after long use;
  • Electrified and attracts dust;
  • Has a beautiful appearance due to the flow of fibers is well suited for draperies.

It is Worth noting that velvet-a fabric that can be safely sent to the wash, as it does not shrink. Such clothing retains heat well, almost not wrinkled and doesn't require constant Ironing. The fabric allows air to penetrate, so the skin breathes freely.

Historical information

It is considered that the homeland of velvet is Italy. In this country in the XIII century started the production of the material. Initially its cost was so great that everyone knew that velvet-fabric dresses which are made solely for distinguished persons. Even now it is made from Royal robes.


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In Russia, the first velvet cloth covered special books, where data on were brought noble families. Also this material adorned the walls in the Royal chambers, and even a throne. The Russian Empress, as depicted in many portraits, preferred outfits of this nice fabric.

cloth velvet silk

Later, the price of velvet fell, and with it is temporarily lost and interest. But in the twentieth century, the fashion for such things returns. Velvet everywhere began to sew clothes for women and men. And now men wear a suit from this fabric for publication. Despite the fact that the trend in many types of fabrics, velvet is one of the first honorable places.

How to produce?

Manufacturing Technology “Royal” fabric is very complex, which explains its high cost. First, the cloth is produced in two layers which are held pile velvet. Then on a special machine it is shared with a very sharp knife. The color of the material occurs in small batches. But the treatment is different, depending on what are the qualities of a fabric. The output can be obtain nesminaemoy variant, flame retardant, Teflon, etc.

Traditionally, velvet – solid material rich deep color. But sometimes it is applied to the patterns. To create them use a variety of ways, including embroidery, packing pattern, patterned weave and even chemical exposure.

Products made from velvet

Many fashion experts appreciate the velvet for its elegant look, the winners of the outfits from this material I love them for their soft feeling. However, when sewing with this fabric should be handled very carefully. Velvet is not easy to handle, so the products tend not to apply a lot of buckles, buttons, tucks and other things, not to spoil the material.velvet dress

This beautiful cloth is often used for upholstery of sofas, chairs and walls. Among interior designers there is a perception that velvet-fabric that adds luster to any room and piece of furniture.

Which is usually sewn of velvet for a wardrobe? Traditionally, it's evening dresses, skirts, coats, jackets, and home textile, curtains, etc. of this material to create not only outfits for the occasion but also for everyday wear. For example, ladies wearing velvet jacket over a t-shirt and jeans complete the look. But if you want to create sophisticated picture, it is possible to combine a blouse and a slim velvet skirt.

How to care?

Any natural fabric (velvet, silk, etc.) requires careful treatment and special care. Of course, with velvet case is more complicated because it is influenced from the environment. As for the washing, you should choose on the machine only in the gentlest way possible, otherwise the fabric can spoil. And even better – hand wash, without twisting at the end.types of fabrics velvet

For proper storage of the product is recommended to hang on the shoulders, as if to collapse, only on the reverse side. Iron better on weight, enveloping steam in advance opryshkiv water inside out. Iron should be along the loops to the canvas is not stretched.

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