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Restaurant Rating in Tyumen will help people to choose the place where you can have a good time and eat. The first three stages take places that scored five out of five stars.

The Best restaurants in Tyumen rating of 5 stars


In this restaurant you can organize weddings, any celebration, holiday event and banquets. The design corresponds to the name, all done in luxurious style, so the event will be held in a great atmosphere.

This place is famous for Tatar and European cuisine. And also, guests have the opportunity to order a signature dish from the chef. Restaurant “aristocracy” preparing their dishes only made with organic products and prefers products from local producers. Visitors appreciate the quality of a wide range of dishes.


In this restaurant you can try Italian, Uzbek, Japanese and European cuisine, it's so convenient to order your favorite sushi and pizza in one place.

Visitors enjoy live music and can dance on the dance floor. The creators of this wonderful place took care of all the guests and made a room for Smoking.

Residents, who make up reviews and ratings of restaurants in Tyumen, the staff of this institution care about their guests and do everything to keep them satisfied.

rating restaurants Tyumen


The restaurant's Interior displays a consistent style its name. Everywhere hung pictures of famous gangsters, dimmed lights and leather furniture.

Three rooms: the main, yellow and red, in which you can organize various meetings and events.

The Kitchen is of Italian, European and American dishes is not indifferent to all guests. There can be a filling meal for little money. Unusual presentation of steaks, salads, pastas, snacks, surprises visitors, and they come again and again.


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Rating restaurants Tyumen photo of the establishments that earned 4 stars


This restaurant introduces its guests with traditional dishes of Uzbekistan. Old recipes and observance of all the rules of cooking are breathtaking.

The Interior is also decorated in a traditional style, and the hall is filled with the cozy atmosphere and live music.

the best restaurants in Tyumen rating


In this restaurant you can enjoy the true atmosphere of Georgia, because the Caucasian hospitality – courtesy and goodwill.

Georgian cooking is famous for its flavor. In the restaurant you can taste all the traditional first, second courses, desserts and, of course, to get untold pleasure from the Caucasian wines. And to get a bottle of wine as a gift, you need to make an order for 3 thousand rubles.

rating restaurants Tyumen photo


This place is famous for Russian and European cuisine. And there's also a menu for vegetarians and the restaurant is always full of visitors. They enjoy a cozy atmosphere, live music and can dance.

For family guests set interesting kids corner, where kids have fun.

reviews and ratings of restaurants Tyumen

The Restaurants are also well known all over the Tyumen

“gold turtle”

This restaurant is situated in the center of Tyumen. The interior combines the merchant and tropical style. Everywhere there are flowers and green plants, gently singing birds, and the atmosphere resembles a warm, homely atmosphere.

“gold turtle" occupies a worthy place in the rating of restaurants in Tyumen, as a special attitude to the guests, pleasing the consummate European cuisine, has an excellent the fault of the card. All this makes the reputation of the restaurant is impeccable.

And then you can celebrate your wedding, corporate event, family celebration and birthday.


In this restaurant you can have a romantic date. The atmosphere is conducive to love: candles on the tables, quiet and relaxing music of France, a taste of Italian wine and soft interior. This evening will be unforgettable for the second half.

The restaurant "Versailles" offers a Banquet hall where you can celebrate your wedding. Helpful staff will decorate the room according to the customer and pick the most delicious meals to your wedding table.


Rating restaurants Tyumen raises in the first place and restaurant complex called "Astra". He scored 17 thousand votes and was awarded the “Golden fork”. Visitors to this institution to leave only positive feedback. Say that there you can not only eat, but also to celebrate any occasion at the highest level.

Knowing this restaurant rating in Tyumen, it will be easy to decide where to celebrate the New year or to celebrate a birthday. After all, every resident deserves the best comfortable.

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