Beer "Amstel" - a worthy gift to the Dutch


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Fans of the famous foamy drink is familiar to beer "Amsterdam". He is loved and appreciated in many countries of the world.

Historical background

Amstel beer

His appearance on light beer "Amsterdam" obliged the Dutch. It was here in 1870, the drink began to produce on one of the capital's factories. For cooling the production equipment used water from the same river Amstel, which flows through the city. In her honour and was named a new beer. Product immediately fell in love with the townspeople and at first was sold only in Amsterdam. But the excellent quality and superior taste over time took him outside the country. Beer "Amsterdam" began to be exported abroad. Promising company in 1968 acquired the famous Heineken Corporation. A little later, was their full and final merger. Since "Amsterdam" is one of the leading and promising brands of the world famous leader. Hearing about the appearance of the innovations of the rapidly began to spread among consumers. Good beer began to talk a lot and soon it came in third place in popularity in Europe.

Features and range of product

Beer “for-profit” rather widely available on the market. Commercially available more than ten different varieties of this drink. All of them are premium products. A very important distinctive feature is that up to the present time this beer is made by unique technologies and recipes developed by old Dutch brewers. In its structure there is nothing superfluous, only hops, special yeast, purest water and light barley brewing malt. And the complete absence of any preservatives, only emphasizes its excellent quality. This light lager has from 3.5 to 7 percent by volume of alcohol.


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In recent years, in the line of "Amstel", a new non-alcoholic product. Its production has already been established in our country in the factories in Nizhny Novgorod and St. Petersburg, belonging to the famous Heineken. The alcohol content in this new product does not exceed 0.5 vol.%. The production volume of this drink is only 1 % of the total mass of products. But there are plans to its significant increase. Company executives believe that the product has great potential and is able to teach customers the true culture of the ancient drink.

Who produces “Amstel”

Amstel beer manufacturer

A few years after the unification of the plant for the production of beer in Amsterdam was closed, and production is gradually transferred to the town of Zoeterwoude, which has become a subsidiary of the world famous group Heineken. New brand became very popular in the world. Currently, the sales volume per year is around 36 million liters and takes the sixth place among the well-known beer brands. More and more people give him a preference and are happy to buy famous first beer "Amsterdam". The manufacturer has placed their factories in many countries of the world: UK, Indonesia, Suriname, Jordan, Greece, Puerto Rico, Russia and Kazakhstan. The volume of export every year is constantly growing, and the geography is expanding rapidly. Now the famous Amstel can be found in more than 100 countries. The brand's popularity is growing every year. This is largely due to the fact that for over 10 years, this brand was the sponsor of the famous football championship – “UEFA Champions League”.

What he thinks the consumer

Amstel beer reviews

Many customers of the huge number of beer products available on the shelves, choosing a beer "Amsterdam". Product reviews are mostly positive. In the first place emphasizes a good quality product: classic base with fresh noble aroma and a slight taste of bitterness, characteristic of all production of firm Heineken. Buyers are specifically mentioned by one characteristic feature: this beer is not boring with time. It can be drunk and not feel the addiction. In addition, the drink equally like both men and women. Perhaps that is why young people, organizing different kinds of events and parties have increasingly opted for "Amsterdam". In addition to decent taste and a delicate aroma, buyers pay attention to low price product. This important factor also plays an important role. After all, compliance of quality and price determines the choice of any buyer.

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