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Krasnoyarsk — quite a large and vibrant cities, located in the Eastern part of the Russian Federation. There's some excellent places that will want to visit every tourist.

In Krasnoyarsk, about 1,000 inhabitants 1 restaurant — those are impressive numbers. If you intend to visit this wonderful city, coming here, be sure to relax in some beautiful place.

Walking through the main streets, every tourist will see many restaurants with live music, cute cafes and decent bars where the locals come to relax or spend time in the cheerful company.

This article will be presented the best restaurants of Krasnoyarsk, which must be visited by everyone who came to this city to relax and have fun.

Restaurants of Krasnoyarsk

Restaurant Trattoria Formaggi

This place is considered the city's most expensive. Here you can not only have a good time, but a good lunch.

The chef of the restaurant cooks a perfect match to the recipe cuisine of Northern Italy. If you decide to visit Trattoria Formaggi, be sure to try the lasagna, Caprese, ravioli and author of cooking incredibly tasty pasta. In Italy cook amazing pizzas to try which you also have the opportunity to Trattoria Formaggi.

The Interior is impressive. Nice tables, excellent design, quality service and individual approach to each client — this is only a small part of what awaits you at Trattoria Formaggi.

The Reviews about this place very good, customers love to spend here their events.

Next you will be presented with the best cafes and restaurants of Krasnoyarsk, we also encourage you to visit during a trip to this city.

Cafe and restaurants of Krasnoyarsk

Franky Woo

This restaurant-bar is difficult to call normal. This is a unique place in Krasnoyarsk, where, roughly speaking, there are two completely different cuisines: Asian and American.

This restaurant is always a lot of people who came to relax and to try absolutely new and unique dishes. Here there are peoples of different countries and Nations, here to face the dream and the reality. You must like it!


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On the walls of the institution posted the wonderful artwork that make the restaurant cozy.

If you value your time, love art and experiments, you just have to visit this unique place.

Want to visit the best bars Krasnoyarsk? Then the first thing come to Franky Woo. The cost of meals here are more than reasonable, service is done by professionals, so nothing to worry about. Just come and relax!


This is the most popular wine store in Krasnoyarsk. The best drinks you can try in the institution, as more of these restaurants in the city.

the Best restaurants of Krasnoyarsk

The Menu is matched in a unique way — each dish is served a certain sort of wine, which blends perfectly with the exquisite food. The chef of the restaurant prepares incredibly tasty meals. Especially you should like juicy meat, rare fish and fresh seafood, combined with the unique taste of expensive wine.

If you want to relax, try new dishes with the best sorts of alcohol, be sure to visit a small but cozy boutique Skopin.

Customers regularly leave their feedback, of which there is only the best opinion about this institution and its staff.

I don't know where the best bars, restaurants Krasnoyarsk? Then keep reading this article!


You want to relax body and soul? Then you just have to visit a unique bar in Krasnoyarsk. Here it is possible not only to dine but also to spend some time in true harmony with each other.

Bars-restaurants of Krasnoyarsk

The Building of this institution, judging by the reviews, reminds visitors of the ancient temple, where a good time. You can order any of the most famous Indian and European dishes, which is perfectly cooked by the chef of the establishment.

Due to the monotonous Indian style interior, the bar invites to spend time through meditation and relaxation. Wonderful relaxing music, tranquil atmosphere and quality service — all this and more in “Yoga-bar”.


Since Krasnoyarsk is famous for its varied restaurants, Chinese cuisine is also very much. The best of these cafes in the city is Bangkok. Here you can easily relax and have a good lunch, eating only healthy, but very tasty food from the chef.

Most of the dishes presented in the menu are prepared only on a few, so the basic ingredients remain almost all useful properties, and the cooked dish is not heavy and fatty foods for the stomach.

the Best restaurants Krasnoyarsk photo

Steak bar “tobacco Calf”

This is really one of the best institutions in Krasnoyarsk, where you can enjoy perfectly cooked meat and many other meals. Restaurant prices it's hard to call it overpriced.

Restaurants Krasnoyarsk photo

If you had not seen your friends or colleagues, and now decided to meet up and relax, the ideal place for your meetings is the establishment ‘Calf tobacco” features a unique classic style.

High Quality service, individual approach to each client, exclusive dishes and much more awaits you in the stayk bar “Calf tobacco”. The reviews are extremely positive. Be sure to apply visit to this place at the first visit to Krasnoyarsk!

Bottom line

cafe and restaurants of Krasnoyarsk

This article was submitted to the best restaurants Krasnoyarsk photo you can also see a little higher. Each institution has its own menu, based on a particular kitchen, so to choose the best coffee for lunch in Krasnoyarsk need based on their preferences.

In each of these establishments you can relax, have a good time with friends and even to order the holding of any events, such as New year or birthday.

Don't forget, each restaurant is unique in its own way, but these 6 restaurants we recommend you to visit first.


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