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Shiitake Mushrooms, recipes for which have recently appeared in our cookbooks and on the Internet, noteworthy because of its high nutritional value and content of a huge number of nutrients. In addition to their nutritional qualities, they have healing properties, has long been recognized by practitioners of Eastern medicine.

Shiitake Mushrooms, recipes which are now available to everyone, give our body nutrients such as protein, fiber, vegetable fat, vitamins B1, vitamins D and PP, trace elements.

Many Housewives are wondering what it is shiitake mushrooms how to prepare this exotic and how to treat it. About this delicious mushroom until recently virtually none of the inhabitants of the CIS have never even heard of. And these shiitake mushrooms, recipes began to walk up to us was a real decoration of the table of Chinese Imperial Palace.

These delicious mushrooms in a salt form. For their preparation mushrooms are boiled in 5% salt solution, which is prepared from 50 g salt and 1 l of water. Cook them, stirring frequently, until that time, until the shiitake will not fall to the bottom of the pan. This process usually takes no more than 20 minutes. Mushroom broth should be completely transparent.

The shiitake Mushrooms, the preparation of which is quite simple, perfectly complements the taste of the cloves (3 pieces), dill (5 g), Bay leaf (2 pieces), black pepper (3 peas), leaf cherry (5 pieces). All of these ingredients evenly placed in the previously prepared glass jars. Boiled shiitake mushrooms recline in a colander. Chilled mushrooms laid out on the banks. Pour the mushroom broth. It needs to be about 25% of total fungi. Banks closed lids, and place in the refrigerator. These mushrooms are ready in a month. They should not be stored for long periods as they can perekinut.


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Shiitake Mushrooms, recipes which are very diverse and unusual, can be prepared in the form of delicious chips. Large, fresh mushrooms cut into thin slices, peresypaya with salt and pepper. Each segment is lowered into the batter and fried in hot vegetable oil until a crust. The batter is made from 1 egg, a small amount of flour and 100 ml of water.

These mushrooms are excellent for soups. You can use shiitake mushrooms in any form, but dry, before cooking soak for several hours.

Very tasty shiitake mushrooms as a filling for pies and other pastry products. So, you can make wonderful pasties filled with these mushrooms. For this dish need 250 g of mushrooms (preferably fresh), 0.5 kg of wheat flour, 250 g of hard cheese, 50 g butter butter, vegetable oil for frying chebureks. Still need water (Cup) and salt (0.5 teaspoon). Knead the dough for pasties. Mushrooms are crushed, cheese rubbed on a grater. The filling is added to the butter. Dough and toppings of cheese and mushrooms made into small pasties. They are fried in hot vegetable oil.

Shiitake Mushrooms, recipes which you can list is quite long, perfect for regular and such beloved frying. For this dish you need 0,5 kg of fresh mushrooms, 2 onions, vegetable oil, ground black pepper, salt. You can fry as pre-cooked mushrooms, and fresh. Fried fresh mushrooms are more tasty and flavorful. In any case, the prepared mushrooms fried in butter until fully cooked, however, boiled mushrooms, add to the already sauteed onions, and fresh first a little fried, then add chopped onion and bring it to full readiness. In this dish, some gourmets add a little ground nutmeg.

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