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Lula kebab on the grillThe Famous kebab – present Oriental cuisine. His name can be translated as “tube of roast meat”. Indeed, the product is a hamburger made of minced meat, rolled into a tube and fried on all sides until Golden crisp. Tradition is necessary to fry shish kebabs on the grill. Some Housewives, for fear of unpleasant consequences, prepare fragrant sausages on the grill or even in the pan. But it already is not kebab, but something similar to it.

To cook right, the real kebab on the grill, you need to clearly remember a few rules, without which it will be difficult to achieve the desired result.

First, traditionally this dish is made of mutton. Of course, you can take any other meat: pork, beef and even chicken. But the real Eastern kebab on the grill will only fresh lamb.

Second, meat for minced meat must always be fresh. During thawing, the product loses its elasticity and produces a large amount of juice. Prefabricated can be liquid. In this case, it will be difficult to form a dense cake.

Third, there is a special technology of preparation of meat for kebab

  1. A Piece of fresh meat to be cleaned from the films and fat, cut into layers of thickness not more than 1½ inches.
  2. Workpiece put on a cutting Board and carefully chop them with a hatchet, as along the grain and across. Process to continue for as long as the plate of meat does not turn into mincemeat.
  3. The same procedure must be done with bacon. Should get a sticky, thick mass, which when combined with meat allow meat to viscous consistency, enough to dazzle thick patties.
  4. The semi-finished product, you need to add onions. It should be carefully cut with a knife into small cubes. If the onion mince, the extracted juice will make the meat very thin.
  5. Thoroughly mix all ingredients, and then well to repel the resulting mass. To do this, the lump of meat it is necessary to lift and to throw back into the bowl. This procedure should be repeated for ten minutes. After this beating the stuffing will be much denser and will be easier to sculpt out of him.
  6. The mixture should be covered with a film and directly in the bowl put a few hours in the fridge. It is necessary in order to be able to freeze the fat. From such forcemeat cutlets will shape much easier.

Only after completing all the above rules, you can make a proper kebab on a brazier.


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how to cook shish kebab on the grillOf the peoples of Central Asia and the Caucasus this dish is considered a national. It is prepared on various holidays and when waiting in the house welcome guests. Burgers, grilled on skewers, they look very exotic and popular among the people even more famous kebabs. To understand how to cook shish kebab on the grill, it is necessary to start to prepare the necessary products. Kotletnaya mixture should consist of ingredients taken in a certain ratio:

1 kg mutton will need 250 grams of sheep fat (you can take 0.5 kg of fat), salt, a few onions, a tablespoon of ground coriander, 1 tablespoon of black pepper and herbs of cumin, 1 chili pepper.

When mixing the minced meat it is necessary to clearly observe the percentage of products. Then do the following:

  1. Ground Beef, pre-cooked by all the rules, remove from refrigerator and shape it into patties elongated shape.
  2. Billet gently put on the skewers.
  3. Grill in advance to build a fire and allow the wood to burn.
  4. Skewers with meatballs strengthen over glowing coals.
  5. Fry until the appearance of the surface characteristic of the crust. The product must be constantly turning, so he could get warm on all sides. Ideally, the kebab must have a thick crispy crust, and the inside juicy and tender flesh.

how to cook Lula-kebabIs not Enough to know how to cook Lula-kebab, you should be able to submit it to the table accordingly. The finished product is usually right on the skewers spread on serving plate with greens and vegetables. As a garnish, is also suitable boiled rice or pickled onions. There is another interesting option. Fried cutlet can be removed from the skewer, wrapped in lavash and cover with sauce. In this case, the kebab is a bit like Shawarma. To eat this dish better hot. The cooled kebab loses the striking contrast of a soft core and crispy shell. To wash down this masterpiece can be any soft drinks or red dry wine.

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