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In the old days all the popular dishes prepared in a Russian stove, and it turns out they're excellent quality. But where now to find a oven? Today this problem is solved by using the oven. It is possible to prepare the same meals, but with one condition — they have to be in clay pots. Why exactly them? Yes, because due to its shape they have long kept warm and evenly heated, because the surface area of the pot is much smaller than that of the pan. Very tasty pot is a native Russian dish, like a roast. Some Housewives erroneously believe that such pots are used for preparing meat dishes. Chicken casserole with potatoes or garlic many is the signature dish. But the vegetarians are also widely use this method of cooking even the simplest dishes cooked in pots are something special and extremely tasty. 

To Cook the chicken with garlic is not difficult. First, chicken is boiled until soft, and then cut it into large pieces. After that, pieces of salt, cover with mayonnaise, mixed with garlic and placed in pots. On top of all, you need to pour the eggs, season with salt and place in oven. Another of the popular and favorite recipe is chicken in a pot with potatoes. Usually cook several servings at once, and the pot is convenient to take 0.5 liters.

To make four servings you will need the following ingredients: 600 grams of chicken meat, 12 medium potatoes, one sweet pepper and one small onion, 4 small cloves of garlic, well 4 teaspoons dry sweet paprika, and still need salt and black pepper powder  is a good choice. You can also add red hot pepper. In principle, when preparing chicken in a pot with potatoes, the proportions can be accurately not to comply. For roasting you can use any vegetable oil, but it is better to take olive. To fill you can take chicken broth or just water. The top pots are covered with lids of dough. To prepare it you need half a Cup of water and half spoon of salt, and an incomplete Cup of flour and one tablespoon of the so-called "vegetable" oil.


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And now tell you how to prepare chicken in a pot with potatoes.
First, knead the dough for the lids. To the water add vegetable oil, and salt and gradually add flour. The dough is kneaded to achieve elasticity. Then the dough covered with a damp towel and leave on for 20 minutes. While the dough is resting, prepare the chicken. It cut into pieces and about three minutes fry in a skillet until Golden brown, then salt, sprinkle with paprika and remove from heat.

Vegetables should be thoroughly washed, cleaned and cut into small cubes - onions, peppers — into strips, onion-rings and potatoes — as desired. In the pan pour a little vegetable oil and spread the garlic first, then onions almost immediately, after two minutes, add pepper, and all — the sliced potatoes. All the vegetables for three or four minutes are roasted on a large fire, in the end you need to add a little salt, pepper and paprika. Everything is well mixed and remove from heat.

Fried chicken laid out on the pots, then placed the fried vegetables and pour for richness broth or water. Optional chicken in a pot with potatoes can be piled in layers. Then a pot half filled with water or broth, but you can fill it and one-third — whichever option you like best. Once all the ingredients are laid out, the necks of the pots are coated with egg, loose cannons with water and covered with bread dough. The edges of the tortillas tightly to the neck, and the pellet steam to escape, make a few holes. The pots should be placed in a cold oven and turn the heat to 180 degrees. After an hour the heating turns off. but the pots are steamed in the oven for another thirty minutes, but can be more.

Now you know how to cook the chicken in the pot. Try it, for you, this dish will also become a signature.

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