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A Little what holiday is complete without the beloved herring under a fur coat. In popularity it is successfully competing with the basins Olivier. But if you don't like herring, and you're not too closely scrutinize the price tags on the shelves, you will surely enjoy "the Coat royally”. The salad is similar to traditional at least two main characteristics: it is laid out in layers and always contains fish. But the other ingredients vary from recipe to recipe in a wide range. And the fish it uses is not cheap.coat royally salad

Salad ‘Salmon on the coat”

Unlike the usual fish here is laid out not from below but from above. And, of course, does not herring – it is salad ‘the Royal coat” salmon, noble and delicious fish. The remaining components are the same, but the sequence of putting some other: first distributed grated beets (a couple of small cooked root vegetables on 1/3 kg of fish), then – grated carrots, then a couple of potatoes, then grated eggs (split into yolks and whites not necessary), they prosypayutsya chopped onions (you can briefly soak it in diluted Apple or wine vinegar). Don't forget to fluff the layers! On the top laid out small pieces of salted salmon – and in the fridge to draw.Royal coat salad recipe

Elegant “the Coat royally”

It will require not as much components. And simple is not among them: the recipe does not accept any carrots or beets. But, frankly, the result is a delicious and truly noble “the Coat royally”. Salad to start cooking with the four boiling the potatoes and grating them on a grater. This will be the first layer (each will traditionally promazyvaetsya mayonnaise). Potatoes, generously sprinkled with chopped onions. Next comes the salted salmon: two hundred grams of fish cut into small pieces and evenly expanded through the greenery. Further, all sprinkled egg proteins (cook need seven proteins grate - five). On top pour the corn to it – grated cheese (150 grams), the latter are distributed grated yolks. Of the remaining slice of salmon rosette is formed and placed in the center; it is surrounded by four lotuses are carved from protein two eggs and filled with red caviar. Here and ready to “the Coat royally”! The salad is infused for about an hour in the refrigerator, then ready to eat.


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Unusual “Royal apparel»

And the unusual thing is that unlike most recipes, the fish used here is not salted, and smoked. Moreover, the two species! And lubricate the layers should mix low-fat natural yoghurt and mayonnaise – half a Cup of each. Further actions are as follows:

  1. Five potatoes boiled and cut finely (do not RUB). This is the first layer.
  2. A pound of smoked mackerel boneless and skin cut into cubes-this will be the second layer.
  3. Four salad onions thin half-rings distributed over the fish.
  4. Followed by 200 grams of chopped cooked shrimp.
  5. Chopped eggs (seven of them) are placed on top of the seafood.
  6. Followed by crab meat (half a pound). Was not natural – will and quality sticks.
  7. Evenly decomposed canned corn.
  8. Are three fresh carrots.
  9. 400 grams smoked salmon, thinly Plastal. They are made all sorts of decorations and placed on the salad with sprigs of dill.

Indeed “the Coat royally”! Lettuce leaves are very juicy. And the combination of smoked fish with seafood will delight any gourmet.salad Royal salad with salmon

Imperial appetizer

And finally, we offer you a salad ‘the Royal coat”, recipe, simple ingredients contains only potatoes and beets. Everything else available to most people only on major holidays. For the filling in this recipe is used a mixture of sour cream average fat content and the same mayonnaise (taken equally). To pereseivat will be in this sequence.

1 level. Four grated potatoes.

2 level. A third of a kilogram of salted salmon, cut into small cubes.

3 level. Peeled and chopped avocado, for five minutes marinated in lemon juice.

4 level. Bank of crab meat.

5 level. Grated boiled beets. Finally, it should be covered with sauce so that it shines.

Finally opens a 150-gram jar of caviar – it center densely covered with our ‘the Coat royally”. Salad needs and even black caviar. Her it is flanked on the edge of the dish. Three hours in the fridge – and are bound to impress the participants of a feast.

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