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The First dish in Russia is always very popular. Among the most famous not only for soup and borscht, and the famous Solyanka. The interest in how to cook Solyanka, never faileth.

The word “bag” appeared later than “girl”, but they call the same dish. Explanatory dictionary of S. I. Ozhegov explains that Solyanka-thick meat or fish soup with spicy seasonings and the dish of stewed cabbage with meat, mushrooms, fish. It is not surprising that the phrase “the hodgepodge team” began to be used in a figurative sense when they want to show the heterogeneity of the components in any way.

The Invariable ingredients of steel soups pickles, spicy seasonings and herbs.

So, how to cook Solyanka? In General, the preparation of this dish can be divided into several stages.

The Broth. Before you cook hodgepodge team, you need to cook the broth. It will require 1-2 sorts of meat products. It can be: beef ribs, veal, beef kidneys and others. After half an hour of cooking in the broth add the pepper and herbs, half a serving of salt. When the broth is ready, it needs to drain, dismantle the bones and cut the meat into strips.

Roasting. This would require 2-3 varieties of meat, such as pork knuckle, chicken, smoked sausage, ham, boiled sausage, sausage, etc. Every kind of meat fried in butter separately, then, on the same oil to cook fries. Onions spasserovat, add the carrots, flour, tomato paste (or sauce, or juice) and cook the sauce. Then combine meat and sauce, it's good to stew.


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The End. In the pot with the broth put the potatoes, then the meat, browned vegetables, spices, sometimes separately spasserovannye flour onions, bring soup to readiness.

What to do with pickles? Most often they are cleaned from the skin, lay in the broth. However, in some recipes, the cucumbers add to sauté, and then combine with the broth.

Thus, to read out a list of products that need to buy before you cook Solyanka: meat products for the broth – 0,5 kg; meat products for cooking – 200-300 g; smoked meat-200-300 g; sausage (sausage, ham)  – 200 g; carrot medium size-2 PCs. onions medium size-2 PCs. pickled cucumbers-100 g potatoes-2-3 pieces; oil for frying-50 g tomato paste-2 tablespoons; salt, pepper, spices, roots.

How to cook soup with sausage? It is a fairly simple recipe that can be done in haste. 50 g of pork fat in hot frying pan, fry sausages (ham, smoked sausage 70 g). Separately fry in vegetable oil finely chopped onion, add the tomatoes (paste or fresh tomatoes), cut into strips carrots, to stew. Cucumbers cleaned, cut into strips. In boiling salted water, spread sequentially: roasted meat, stewed vegetables and pickles. Boil for a few minutes. Sour cream and parsley adorn quick hodgepodge.

How to prepare a hodgepodge of cabbage? For this soup you will need: 1 Cup pickled mushrooms and sauerkraut, 100 g of dried mushrooms sour cream, 1 carrot, parsley and parsley root, salt, pepper, vegetable oil 1 tbsp.

Dried mushrooms need to boil on a slow fire, to join them pickled mushrooms, cabbage, carrots, cut into strips, cook until the vegetables are tender. Pour in vegetable oil, add the chopped parsley, salt and pepper to taste.

Fish Solyanka enjoys no less success. Try to prepare it in the following way. Cook the fish stock. Seasoning to the bag separately prepare: saute 1 finely chopped onion in 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil, to it add 1 carrot, chopped polukruzhochkami and parsley root, then 1 spoon flour, 2-3 spoons tomato paste. To connect with the strained broth, put it in the pan fried small pieces of fish (very tasty sturgeon, walleye, sturgeon), 2-3 peeled and roughly chopped pickle, 4-5 potatoes. In the end, put olives, cucumber pickle and chopped parsley.

Bon appetit!  

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