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Not so long ago on the shelves of Russian stores there was quite an interesting product - wine ‘Mikado". It is designed for lovers of weak alcoholic beverages, which I appreciate more flavor and aroma than alcohol.

Product Description

Wine "Mikado" is a commodity produced under the same brand. It was created by the company «Crimean wine house”, located in one of the districts of Feodosia. Wine ‘Mikado’ more reminiscent of a drink because its composition of natural wine in addition to includes ethyl alcohol-rectified juice concentrate, infusion of dried fruit and natural flavoring. Together, they create a product with a rather refined taste, pleasant aroma and a velvety aftertaste. For the manufacture of bases used wines made from popular grape varieties like Aligote, Sauvignon, Rkatsiteli, Riesling and Chardonnay. Wine ‘Mikado" represented by two entries: red and white. The color depends on the components that are added to the beverage at the last stage (white plum, black currant and others).

wine Mikado

The Technology of production of this wine is taken from the ancient Japanese recipes. Add berries and fruit infusions in the finished product led to the strengthening of its flavor properties. This is the secret of the Japanese winemakers.

Public opinion

Read the buyers new wine "Mikado"? The reviews about this product you can hear different. Some argue that this drink shouldn't even be called wine. Its strength reaches not more than 11 percent. In their opinion, it is better to add some money and buy a really worthy product.


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wine reviews Mikado

Others believe the ‘Mikado" a very interesting and unusual wine. It has a distinct color corresponding to the input Supplement. The taste is quite rich and very pleasant. It on a common grape background clearly shows the added notes of berries. This is very unusual and at the same time nice. However, a little confused by the shelf life of the product. He is only 4 months. However, experts say that in the case when during this time in the bottle still not fell the precipitate, the drink can be considered normal up to one year. To keep it better in a cool room where the temperature ranges from +8 to +20 degrees. This wine should be drunk chilled (+15-17 degrees) and used as a digestif together with light dessert, fruit, and meat dishes. But as an aperitif it will also be good.

A Variety of flavors

For sale is a very different ‘Mikado" (wine). Types of the product depend on the type of infusion was added. Among the most popular are:

  1. White and red plum.
  2. Cherries.
  3. Black currant.
  4. Apricot.

Mikado wine types

For production use only natural raw materials. These manufacturers are trying to strengthen the position of its brand. Many cafes and bars will buy these wines for cocktails. They add mixed drinks with a pleasant taste and makes them more fragrant. In addition, the majority of buyers really like the design of the bottle. It resembles a piece of Japanese Sakura. Original look also the characters on the label. Strange symbols similar to the ancient inscriptions that the ancient people left for different jugs and amphorae. Nice to put a bottle on the table and wipes content with pleasure in the company of friends. A diverse range of product will help you to choose the right option for every taste.

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