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The Historical center of Moscow… Cozy patio in New square… In this place read their poems Sergei Yesenin. A century later there was opened the restaurant, named after the poet-bully.

History of establishment

The restaurant “short” in Moscow, was opened on 29 October 2015. The place is chosen not casually, after all, here he loved to visit the lyric poet, equally emotionally and describing the beauty of “Russia birch” and the manners of a bar in Moscow.

"terrain" (restaurant)

The Initiators were made by Elizabeth Tuchnina and Andreas — the promoter of many famous cultural institutions of Moscow, including club “Paradise”. The concept menu was created by chef Konstantin Ivlev who prefer traditional Russian recipes.

Restaurant Interior

The Interior is a pleasant combination of modern design and traditional Russian symbols without a hint of Khokhloma and other hackneyed attributes that are used in most restaurants Russian style.

The restaurant “sad”, a photo of which you will find in this article has several floors. On the ground floor a bright large hall (120 people) with large panoramic Windows, divided into two zones (Smoking and non-Smoking persons). You will be surprised by the huge chandeliers in the form of springs, pearl walls, aged mirrors, sky blue chairs and columns, complete with original design ideas.

restaurant "terrain"

Also you will love real birch branches before entering the school. Along the walls you'll see the verses of the poet himself, in transparent vases. Wine rack at the entrance to attract your attention. Agree, everything here is stylish, but without any frills.


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Open-plan kitchen with powerful range hood sparkling dishes, you can watch the process of cooking. The kitchen surrounds a bar counter.

Be the Special halls in festive decoration: a garland of pine cones, flowers hanging from the chandeliers, and incredibly beautiful candles that light up the Windows in the late afternoon.

A Pleasant discovery for visitors will be located on the ground floor hall, the library, the shelves are filled with works of “silver” a century of Russian literature. In the library there are comfortable sofas, and behind one of the cabinets hides the bar "Duncan", named after the famous dancer and wife of the poet.

In short, the restaurant “sense” (Moscow) — one of those places where you do not want to leave!


A Distinctive feature of the cafe — the orientation of the main menu on the traditional Russian cuisine with a modern twist. Chef Konstantin Ivlev (the founder of the new Russian cuisine), flavouring Russian cuisine ideas from other cultures, creates true works of art.

restaurant "terrain";

The Unusual combination of components common dishes allow you to create a special flavor palette. Salad with veal tongue, seasoned with the author's original sauce, minced filet of steer with burnt slices of chiabatta, mini squid with sea buckthorn sauce, salmon with spinach sauce, birch SAP will delight the lover of Russian cuisine will not leave indifferent even the most demanding gourmet.

As a snack to vodka serves pies, pickles, marinated mushrooms and eggplant caviar from chef. A wide choice of desserts will appeal to everyone! Here you can order a cake "Anna Pavlova”, beet jelly with vanilla cream and oatmeal cookies, Apple pie with ice cream, honey cake author Ivleva, unusual homemade jams from the cherries, feijoas, berries and pineapple, and many others.

And of course, the restaurant, named after a loving carousing Russian peasant, a wine and bar lists.


The Interior design allows to combine the seemingly incompatible qualities: the restaurant is equally well suited for aesthetes who prefer to sit in a relaxed atmosphere over a Cup of coffee with a small volume of poetry under the gentle background music, and for lovers of noisy fun. Friday night you can plunge into the atmosphere of “tavern of Moscow” and listen to real Gypsy songs to the accompaniment of accordion and guitar. Bright outfits of the Gypsy band, catchy songs and dances will allow you to spend an unforgettable evening.

restaurant "terrain": reviews

The Menu will be a joy to those who are tired of overseas unpronounceable names. Will remember the evening of this kind to foreign visitors who receive a great opportunity to get acquainted with Russian cuisine in a pleasant European filing.


The restaurant “short” feedback is versatile, as usual. Therefore, we need to discuss in detail this aspect.

Visitors agree that “sad” — restaurant, ideal for a pleasant evening, clearly stands out in a series of similar other institutions with their personality. Even the toilet of the institution is able to surprise — from the speakers is heard the verses of the poet.

Interior, the food, the staff and the chef creates a special inspiring atmosphere. And the path to the restaurant, passing through the beautiful streets among ancient houses, sets a lyrical mood, fills you with anticipation of a date with a sophisticated and refined “silver” century.

“sad” — a restaurant that does not disappoint its visitors, after all, the decor of the rooms reminds of the time in which the poet lived. Clients praise the professionalism of the waiters who treat the guests kindly and with attention, but without compulsion.

restaurant "terrain" (Moscow)

A notice that, despite the small menu in one page, I want to try all the dishes, it's so interesting to know what they new interpretation of the famous chef.

The founder of the ‘new Russian cuisine” Ivlev, enjoys special popularity with guests. Living the charisma of the chef, attention to customers and the ability to surprise leave particularly good impression of the restaurant. Everyone who tried the cake Ivlev, makes this dish in your favorite list.

Despite its proximity to downtown and Lubyanka square, the prices on the menu are the wave of democratic. Average bill comes out to about 1200-2000 rubles for 1 person.


Sergei Yesenin fondly remembered childhood, carrying the memories of him through all the work. Don't forget the restaurant about the youngest visitors.

“sad” — restaurant, which for children each year gets new year's eve masquerade ball with the ballroom dancing lesson, Santa Claus, gifts and of course sweets. For parents of young princesses and princes organized a branch.

restaurant "terrain" in Moscow

One of the evenings of October turns into a “Day of childhood”. In the framework of the Foundation «the dream” was organized by “Children's Business Club” for pupils of children's homes. Participants are introduced annually with multiple specialties according to their interests and getting to know different professions.


“sad” — restaurant, which is at the following address: Russian Federation, Moscow region, Moscow, New square, building No. 2.

Working Hours: from 12:00 to 00:00. Details about the reservation you can find out by calling +7 (495) 983-10-70.

In General, we recommend everyone to visit the restaurant “sense” (Moscow)!


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