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Rich side Russian national dishes, colorful and less caloric treats. Sometimes we forget that soups are an important part of our dining table, and don't pay them enough attention. But their preparation is not less subtleties, than cutting salads or cooking dishes. How to cook the soup knows not everyone. It is necessary to correct these flaws.

Cooking of the soup is, you can tell magic ritual of fishermen-Amateurs and professionals. This is both the worship of the dish and display skills, although often also the reason for legends and tales. Classical ear has its own peculiarities of preparation and a consistent set of components. Knowledge of how to cook right ear is nevseh who begins to prepare the meal. Because even species of fish implies its wisdom and especially cooking.

The Ear - is a liquid nourishing dish, a kind of soup. Ideally, you need to meet and maintain the legend and fisherman's flair she's getting ready outdoors in the field. But even should cook soup in a special dish. And in “fisherman's soup" is added to the vodka that beats the smell of Tina. Sometimes in the ear for some time and placed a burning firebrand.

How to cook the soup, I can tell you not only avid fishermen, but experienced hostess. Utensils should be enameled or clay, that is definitely of non-oxidizing alloys. The tab should be onions, carrots, potatoes and lots of spices. And fish you can use almost any type, sometimes even with scales. It happens that some species of fish and even cutting is not necessary, however, in a period when their bowel is empty. How to cook the soup on an open fire correctly, few know. Unlike fish soups use the whole fish, and the broth should not boil on the fire. Cover dishes are not served. And those are the important nuances that make the ear nourishing and fragrant.


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How to cook a fish soup of salmon, will recipe and detailed steps. This requires:

with trimmings of pink salmon (fins, tail, head, ridges) - 300-400 grams,

one onion

one carrot,

- 300-400 grams of potatoes,

- dill


spices and seasonings.

Initially, water is added to the vegetables. Therefore, in an enamel saucepan, pour 2-2,5 liters of filtered water and put on fire. The onion should be diced small, carrots - same method. And to throw all into boiling water. Adding cut into large cubes potatoes, you should add salt in the vegetable broth. After that, the fire reduced to a minimum before the end of the cooking process. Cook 15 minutes and add the fish trimmings. One who knows how to cook the soup properly, will never strain the broth to clarify. It's enough not to let it boil over the fire. So it is possible to achieve transparency.

Knowing how to cook the soup, you can move away from classic cooking and a little cheat, what the soup will be tastier and richness. We can add pieces of sliced salmon with a width of 1.5-2 cm Then just need to give more time for boiling, in a total of 20-25 minutes after laying fish.

Taste: the fish contains more fat, the more spices you want to add. But it is important not to overdo it, not to kill the fish taste and aroma. So 3 minutes before the end of the need to invest in the broth a few pieces of Bay leaf, black pepper, parsley. Turn off the heat and allow to infuse the dish for some time.

Chopped dill to add to the finished dish. If you plan to leave your ear for the next day, the greens are best added to the plate in order to avoid souring. The ear can be served hot or cold, with cakes and pie a bit of sugar.

For a fish soup from salmon, you can add the saffron. This ear will be called amber by coating, which give this spice. This prepares the ear usually only from sturgeon and salmon fishes.

That's all the secrets of how to cook the soup, uncovered.

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