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The Problem of obesity the past few decades, worries doctors. Harmful additives in foods and the abundance of fast food on the streets of cities are the main obstacles in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

Overweight in the first place, concerned members of the fairer sex. However, not all girls and women understand that to return to the previous form is possible only through effort and self-control.

tea green slim reviews

Green, coffee, soda baths or advertised gum never pay you the desired harmony, and the money will be wasted. However, not all promoted products are equally useless, and some of them can help in losing weight. Tea "green slim", reviews of which can be found on popular women's portals, has a pretty good reputation.


“Pitera" for over ten years specializiruetsya on the production of biologically active additives, herbs and herbal teas for weight loss. The main goal of specialists of the company is creation of quality and effective products at affordable prices.

Control on the production, procurement of raw materials and tested recipe – these are the main priorities “Pitera”. Russian consumers have already appreciated the useful products.

tea green slim reviews nutritionists

Another Important factor is that pharmacy networks are a key place where the products of Fitera, including green tea "green slim". Testimonials customers talk about the huge number of fakes on the Internet. In the best case receiving poor quality products for weight loss will not give any result, and at worst will result in serious health problems.


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Natural ingredients – the main reason why girls and women prefer tea "green slim". Specialists ' opinions confirm that a good herbalist can purify the body, improve metabolism and help in the fight against obesity. Let's take a closer look at the composition of the “green slim".

  1. Chinese Green tea. The beneficial properties of it do not need additional advertising, but we still recall the main. Green tea leaves give vitality and strength, have a positive effect on the brain, and rid the body of excess fluid.
  2. Senna leaf or Senna. One of the most important components of quality herbal tea, because it is responsible for a laxative effect. The active ingredients of Senna are known since ancient times. They stimulate peristalsis and excrete toxins and food debris.
  3. Fruit supplements. Lemon, pineapple, peach and other flavors make it more pleasant tasting tea "green slim". Reviews of ladies who have tried herbal tea, confirm only the fruity aroma, but the taste of the drink remains unchanged.

ACI green slim with stevia reviews

Note that the composition used flavoring identical to natural. The “correct set of components" are two “green slim": with Jasmine flowers or mint + Melissa.

Contraindications, and recommendations

Despite the obvious benefit of herbal, has some contraindications and tea "green slim". Reviews doctors warn against taking this product pregnant and nursing mothers, and people with individual intolerance of one component. Also, at risk are people with bowel disease.

The Manufacturer recommends "green slim" as a Supplement to the diet. However, as the only tool for the active weight loss herbal tea is not suitable because it is not able to provide stable results.

Cooking Method

In each package is 30 small filter bags. One sachet should pour a glass of boiling water and infuse for 15 minutes.

“green slim" is recommended to drink twice a day during meals. The length of treatment is 2-3 weeks. Such recommendations are related to possible dehydration and the occurrence of habituation.

green tea green slim reviews

Side effects

In the instructions to medicines taken to indicate the side effects, but in the case of such biological additives is not practiced. However, this does not mean that you can freely make tea "green slim". Reviews of the fair sex allow you to make a small list of side effects, which we discuss in more detail.

  1. Pain in the abdomen. As we have said, one of the components of phyto tea strengthens the peristalsis of the intestine. For this reason, the spasms can cause discomfort.
  2. Diarrhea. It would seem that this is the effect that is expected from the laxative tea. In fact, many are not ready for the consequences of such tea. Severe diarrhea can cause leaching of the intestinal microflora and the emergence of dysbiosis.
  3. Nausea, bloating and flatulence. Some losing weight there is a strong nausea due to the suppression of appetite and flatulence.

green slim with stevia tea for weight loss reviews

Before using any herbal tea with a laxative effect should think about the consequences, and also to carefully read the manufacturer's recommendations.

For every taste

Observing the increased interest in the production “Pitera”, the company decided to diversify a series of “green slim". Today, shoppers can try tea with lemon, peach, strawberry, mango, kiwi, strawberries and other fruit flavors.

One of the latest novelties is tea "green slim" with stevia. The specialists noted the incredible usefulness of this plant in comparison with ordinary sugar. The leaves of stevia is three hundred times sweeter than sugar, and calorie content of virtually zero. Herbal tea is perfect for those who can not imagine their diet without the sweet.

“green slim" with stevia – slimming tea reviews, which also note a rich selection of taste, or rather scent. Lime and mint, pineapple and strawberry, strawberry and kiwi combined with the natural sweetness will be a nice addition to Breakfast or dinner.

Empty or not?

It is important to understand that easy ways to lose weight does not exist. Unfortunately, hoping for a miracle, we continue to believe talented marketers that promise real weight loss from dietary supplements, among them tea "green slim".

Reviews nutritionists advise to pay attention to more effective ways of losing the extra pounds and not look for the easy way. Herbal of “Pitera” will help to cleanse the body and to improve the digestive system during a protein diet. However, it is important to understand the principle of “green slim" and the right to adopt.

The Effectiveness of additives also depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. Some dieters waiting for a whole bunch of side effects and others do not feel a laxative effect.

Alternative ways to lose weight

Surprisingly, most of the dieters sooner or later you catch yourself on the fact that only sports and proper nutrition are the key to success. Pills, drops, shakes, or “hungry” diets can produce results in the short term, but the lost weight back pretty quickly.

tea green slim reviews doctors

It is a mistake to believe that a healthy lifestyle is expensive. Need to buy an annual subscription to fitness. In the Network there are a huge number of videos with which to practice yoga, Pilates, even step aerobics at home.

A Systematic approach, fresh food, drinking regime and fasting days – these are the main secrets of proper nutrition. Rebuilding your diet you will quickly notice the improvement of health and the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract.

tea green slim testimonials

To Accept or no tea "green slim"? Reviews losing weight with this herbal tea generally support the effect claimed by professionals “Pitera”. We recommend that before taking any dietary supplements to consult with a nutritionist. Better to take care of your own health!


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