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All fish dishes are quite tricky and can be dangerous to your health. This time, however, does not refer to the poisonous sea or river creatures, as well as the degree of heat treatment. The presence in fish a large number of small, but incredibly sharp bones is often a real problem for the person. After all, at least enough time to see the piece of delicacy goes into your mouth, then throat pierces a sharp pain. The diagnosis is very clear – a bone got stuck in the soft tissue. And here it is not to continue the meal. Let's look at some ways to get a bone from the throat.

For starters, keep the victim calm. To panic in this situation will only worsen his condition. Do not let man alone to try to eliminate a sudden disturbance. Sit him on a chair and ask wide open mouth, pre gently swallowing saliva that does not hinder inspection. To the stuck fish bone in my throat became noticeable Shine a light down there with a flashlight or focus the light from a table lamp. If it is close enough (for example, near the sky or in the tonsils), then interference is quite possible to make independently, without the help of medical professionals. Use the tweezers. A tip, try as hard as I could to grab the free part of the bone and pull it out. It should come out freely.

The Second method of the casualty, if he swallowed fish bone, is the use of a sterile bandage. Wrap it in several layers of the finger or a long thin object, if the obstacle is a little deeper. In the second case, be careful that the bandage will not come loose and does not remain in the throat of the patient. Swipe your finger across the place, which included the bone. Thanks to the rough surface of the bandage it should be carefully removed.


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How to get a bone from the throat, if there is nothing suitable for the role of the tool? Try to use a paraffin candle. Heat one end and allow the wax to melt, to become soft and pliable. Then press it firmly to the bone. When the wax hardens, it will be removed as soon as you pull the candle back. But be careful. Taking care not to burn the victim with hot wax.

However, the road to success may be a serious obstacle. If a person has a strong gag reflex, then any attempt to help him will not succeed. How to get a bone from the throat in such a difficult situation? Treat the root of the tongue with a small amount of lidocaine. It will weaken retching and will allow you to safely remove the bone. Don't forget first to ask the victim if he had by chance allergic to this medication. Otherwise there is a risk of anaphylactic shock. Then a bone in the throat would have a completely minor issue than other things.

In Any case, do not try to push the obstacle using the notorious bread crusts that are so popular in domestic medicine. A major bone of such manipulation can only be to enter more deeply into tissue and damage the esophagus. As a result, the patient will be in a hospital bed. 

How to get a bone from the throat, if it is impossible to detect with the naked eye? In this case, ask the victim to describe their feelings. If the sore throat and swallowing only reinforces the unpleasant feeling in this situation, immediately go to the hospital. Trying to get a bone can end in tears. A specialist in the clinic with tools will definitely help the hapless lover of fish dishes.

In any case, if there is no one else who could help you with a similar problem, go to the doctor. Only he will be able accurately and without impact to pull the bone from his throat.

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