Mate tea: benefits and harm. How to drink tea?


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Mate Tea (or indicated in some sources “mate”) – it's surprisingly fragrant and tasty drink. In the drink there is an incredible amount of caffeine that is made from crushed dried shoots and leaves of Holly Paraguayan. Another name of this plant is “grass Mata”. Hence the name of the tea. The Holly is a 15-foot evergreen shrub. It grows mainly in Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay. The Paraguayan Holly can grow in the wild and on plantations where it is grown specially trained people.mate tea benefits and harms

A Little history

“Mata” as the word, has the incredible story of his value. It comes from the Quechua language-is an ancient tribe. Literally it translates as: “a jug of pumpkin for drinks or food”. The present territory of Paraguay and Brazil, previously inhabited by Indians of the Guarani tribe. They at the time used the Mat in order to cure heartburn and other ailments. And the sugar they used stevia leaves, characterized by a sweet flavor.

The mate Tea, the benefits and harms is known and the modern consumer, has another interesting story. So, the South American tribes of Indians were aware of how this drink is useful and invigorating. They called it the divine drink. Appreciated the healing properties of Yerba mate and the Spanish conquerors. And all thanks to the fact that the tool in a relatively short time helped to cure scurvy. As a result, Mata has appeared in Europe.


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But the Europeans are pretty cold took tea. You can not say about the leaves of Holly, who liked to Aesculapius. They actively used them for making alcoholic tinctures and different balms. Medieval doctors did not know what the chemical composition of shrubs, but they have appreciated his positive qualities.a harm tea

Components of tea

Mate Tea (benefits and harms are listed below) contains a large number of different needed by the human body elements. Among them are xanthine alkaloids, tannins and other biologically active substances, and beta-carotene. In addition, it has Pantothenic acid, a substance of mineral origin (potassium, manganese, iron, copper, sodium, magnesium and sulfur) and vitamins b, P, C, and E.

The benefits of the beverage

Due to its composition mate normalizes blood pressure, improves oxygen supply to the heart muscle, stabilizes brain and coronary circulation. Mate tea, the benefits and harms described in our article, as mentioned above, contains Pantothenic acid. She is also responsible for normalization of the level of adrenaline and is directly involved in the process of cell renewal. Also drink a chlorophyll that are beneficial to the immune system, and choline, which is responsible for stabilizing the cholesterol levels. Matein, which is also part of the mate, is unsurpassed and unique stimulant of natural origin. It's strength is not inferior to caffeine.

Mate Tea (benefits and harm which is already known) is an essential product for diseases of the stomach. The explanation for this action: drink normalizes digestion and produces a spasmolytic effect, thereby restoring the damaged intestinal mucosa and stomach. Mata – an indispensable product for strengthening the nervous system. He is a great helper in the struggle with stress.

With the unsurpassed immune stimulating and tonic qualities, the drink is uplifting, relieves fatigue, and improves endurance. Mate recommended for people who regularly engage in sports, as it prevents the accumulation of muscle lactic acid. If you often drink above the liquid, you decrease craving for alcohol and Smoking. And men appreciate the drink for what it is increases the to drink tea

Contraindications and side effects

Despite the fact that drink mate incredibly useful, harm the tea to the human body have long been proven by scientists. But before we describe what is so dangerous, let's deal with those who are denied its use. So, in the first place should not drink tea pregnant and breastfeeding women, and children. If a person has a high temperature or pressure, he also should refuse such drink.

Contraindications Yerba mate is kidney stones and gallstones, various renal diseases. Well, needless to say, people are susceptible to different allergic reactions, should also refuse such a pleasure, as a tea Yerba mate.

Now for the side effects of the drink. It was detected high amount of carcinogens. They can cause cancers in thermal damage to the esophagus. Oncology can take place in your lungs and bladder. Therefore, the harm of tea is undeniable, and people should not abuse this drink.Yerba mate tea

Cooking Method

Yerba Mate is brewed in a special pot called the Calabash. About it know not all users, and so often it is prepared in an ordinary teapot. So, mate tea (how to brew correctly we describe later) is poured into the Calabash, so as to fill 2/3 of its volume. Now, should pot a few times to be shaken and tilted at an angle of 45 degrees. Thanks to such manoeuvre in the capacity of available space in which you want to set bombilla – a special tube of wood or metal, which is a filter. With the wand, overturn the Calabash in a horizontal position.

Then carefully, according to the line of the tube, pour the cold water. Its quantity should also be 2/3 of the vacated space. For the hot liquid will remain 1/3. Calabash is recommended to fill with liquid to the brim.mate tea how to brew

A few More recipes

In addition to the classic method of preparing Yerba mate can be brewed with milk. For this you need to boil one liter of milk with a fat content of 1.5%. Add four to five tablespoons of the tea to remove capacity from the heat, leave drink ten minutes, stir and drink. Also brewing the dry leaves and juice. Orange nectar is added to a Calabash instead of cold water. Is put there and a small piece of sugar.

How to drink mate tea?

This drink is used in the same dishes in which is brewed. Drink it very slowly, while trying to SIP small SIPS of the thick, which remains at the bottom of the vessel. Yerba mate infused from 30 seconds to two minutes. You should try to use tea for this short period, otherwise it gets a bitter taste. How to drink tea from a Holly Paraguayan know all those who appreciate the drink for its magnificent healing properties.mate tea reviews


So, on the Mat, its benefits, contraindications, method of preparation and consumption has been said a lot. But is everyone really so good? About it better to tell those who have already managed to try this wonderful tea.

Mate Tea, which reviews a wide variety, some consumers are characterized as the drink is incredibly strong. In addition, many have noted that the equipment needed for brewing is only used in restaurants, at home, the liquid is prepared in the usual way, and bombilla and Calabash are generally not used.

There are reviews about that, thanks mate can you get rid of beriberi and skin irritation.


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