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Japanese sweets originated with the introduction of innovative technologies for processing of rice in the eighth century. But the desserts were then very costly. Significant changes have occurred in the XVII century, due to the beginning of trade with Spain and Portugal. The recipes were borrowed from the Europeans, but in their own way, and the products began to be produced in large quantities and at a more affordable cost. This article will discuss the most common types of Japanese desserts.


Japanese sweets

In translation "thetiger" means "Japanese sweets". This is the traditional cakes, which are treated to all - both children and adults. They make use of only natural ingredients, such as:

  • Beans - red beans;
  • Algae;
  • Rice dough;
  • Chestnuts;
  • Vegetable gelatin agar-agar;
  • Various additives such as teas and herbs.

Compared to European desserts for residents of other countries vagasi may seem to be unsweetened. In Japan, these sweets are sold almost everywhere - in cafes, restaurants, street stalls and pastry shops.

Vagasi served at various events - exhibitions, festivals and so on. The most important attribute of these treats aesthetic appearance and presentation than taste.

A basic component of desserts vagasi is a dough made from glutinous rice called mochi or mochi. On its basis are made as savoury dishes and desserts, the most common of which is Daifuku.

Daifuku - a small rice cake stuffed with sweet filling. Traditionally a paste of beans, but now they are produced with a variety of flavors - peanut butter, blueberries, milk filling, green tea and other. They are served in the form of balls, dusted with powder or strung on a wooden skewer and pour the syrup. So it's a different kind of thetiger - Dango.


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Desserts tea powder match

Match dessert

Green tea powder called matcha (or more often - match), widely used in all Japanese desserts. Match gives a more refined and original taste of ice cream, chocolate, cookies, cakes, rice cakes and other confections.

Since Ancient times, green tea in the land of the rising sun - part of the classical tea ceremony. Later, the "scope" of powdered tea has expanded and began to include it in recipes for Japanese sweet, which was a great discovery.

Scientists have proved that in the match a lot of antioxidants - substances that reduce oxidative processes in the body and allow us to stay longer young and healthy.

In addition to Japanese sweets, matcha green tea added to various drinks. In American cafes based on it do "drink courage" - a latte with or without ice, and milkshakes and smoothies. In addition, green tea powder is added to alcoholic cocktails and liquor.


Japanese cake

This huge drop of water is actually a cake, which is called "Shigen Moshi" or Mizu shingen mochi. It appears that, if you pierce it with a fork, it will burst, but this is not so dessert has a soft and jelly-like consistency.

"Shigen Moshi" has a very refreshing taste and contains no calories. It is based on water, or mizu, produced in springs of the Alps of Japan, which can replace mineral water. The second component of the "dew Drops" - gelatinous substance agar-agar.

As the basis of the product - water, the colors of taste "dew Drops" due primarily to the seasoning. Dessert is usually served with brown sugar or maple syrup, dusted with roasted soy flour. At room temperature water cake begins to melt, so it must be "time" to eat for 20-30 minutes.

Japanese cheesecake

Cheesecake in Japan

In Japan have created a unique variation of the cheese dessert is cheesecake, which is called the "Japanese cotton". This airy sponge cake is cooked in a water bath and therefore has a very porous, melting in the mouth structure.

Dessert was created in the 90-ies of the enterprise Uncle Tetsu, which now has around 45 stores in Japan. Also points of sale in cities of China, Malaysia, Canada, Australia and others in their stores is always a huge queue, in which even the restrictions - no more than one "Japanese cotton" on the visitor.

Sets in boxes

Japanese kit

Japanese firms produce many different sets, intended mainly for the entertainment of children. They offer child Japanese sweets to make for yourself. The kit includes powders and molds in which the children will prepare a meal according to the picture on the box. For example, the marmalade in the form of animals, ice cream, sushi, candy, and more.

You Can purchase large boxes of Japanese sweets. These packages include all kinds of candies, chocolate sticks, rice cakes, gummies, chocolate and even stickers from the comic books and ramen noodles. Also among the sweets can be KitKat in Japan this wafer chocolate is produced with very unexpected flavors - green tea, wasabi (Japanese mustard), corn, rum + raisins and other. The contents of the "boxes" can be specified, and can be Packed by supplier in a random order.


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