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All Sorts of salads very diversify even everyday table. And about holidays and say no! Moreover, in addition to gustatory splendor, these dishes are not only decorate the table but also the room in which it is located. Especially if they are originally conceived unusual – about what I speak even the name of culinary delights. For example,

Alat “Fish in the pond”. Consists of not-so-fancy ingredients, everything is simple and cheap, however, thanks to the creative approach and design, it becomes even tastier.salad fish in the pond

A Traditional salad, “Fish in the pond”

As with any dish, “Fish” have several recipes. Like any salad, they can be added to almost anything – if only the components are not “at odds" with each other. However, some recipes are executed more often than others; their components are found in the other variations, so consider these recommendations the traditional. To start use the classics to cook salad, “Fish in the pond”. Step-by-step recipe looks like this.

  1. Cook two eggs, the same number of pieces of potatoes and carrots. Ready all cooled and cleaned.
  2. Large onion finely cut maximum. If you do not accept its pungent smell and taste – pour over boiling water. Vinegar is better not to use – the taste and aroma will be different, but even more dramatic.
  3. Open the Bank with sprats. If you are going to cook layered salad with sprats “Fish in the pond”, please be conservative with large instances – it is important. Part of the fish cut off the tails, everything else warming up in the mess, along with butter.
  4. Cottage cheese podmorazhivaniya in the refrigerator and rubbed on a coarse grater.
  5. Going to a salad. Each layer smeared with mayonnaise. The order of the following: chips, boiled potatoes – sprat – the onion – grated eggs-boiled and grated carrot-cheese. “Top” again smeared with mayonnaise, it stuck the severed tails, all sprinkled with chopped herbs.

Salad for the impregnation have an hour to stand in a in the pond lettuce


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The Second classic recipe

Equally popular “Fish in the pond”. Salad different from the previous one primarily by the lack of carrots and onions. Many home cooks recipe is nice because it doesn't involve boiled carrots: they consider it appropriate in the vinaigrette and "coat", but once in other salads. Instead of the processed cheese does the cheese. It is recommended to add garlic, but that's the way the hostess. The rest of the salad "Fish pond" is prepared similarly to the previous recipe; garlic (if you agree) spread the egg layer. In this embodiment also, it would be appropriate to preporuciti a bit of potato, a layer of ground pepper.

“Fish in the pond" with pineapple

To make this option from the components is removed potatoes. At the bottom of the salad bowls laid out the pieces of pineapple on top of rubs a large boiled carrot, it – hard cheese. All it will need 150 grams; this layer goes half. Sprat is distributed over the cheese mass, and it – the remaining cheese. Please note that the layers of cheese – fish – cheese mayonnaise is not lubricated. Four hard-boiled eggs a handle on whites and yolks. Proteins are rubbed on the cheese and evenly covered with mayonnaise, and chopped and powdered yolks salad “Fish in the pond” decorated with stuck tails and powdering of green. By the way, it can not scatter haphazardly, and make a border around the edge of the bowl.salad of fish in a pond step-by-step recipe

Cucumber recipe

A Very interesting “Fish in the pond"! The salad is complemented by the pickles and cheese, it is smoked. Carrots here again is superfluous, so the list is removed. The rest is already described. Cucumbers are in the queue after potatoes, followed by sprat, the last layer – cheese. At registration, you can use slices of cucumber – they are it will go for the Lily leaves. By the way, the season of availability of fresh cucumbers it is quite possible to replace the salt. Only for greater sharpness over them will have to lay out the chopped onion.

“Fish in the pond” with zazharkoy

The Main stages do not differ from the sculpture of classic varieties in the first embodiment. The only difference, which gives an unexpected taste of the familiar salad, - roast, made as in the soup. Rubbed raw carrot, onion finely chopped, both vegetable is good roasted. Ready zazharku must be cool and salt-pepper. The sequence “build” is also a classic. But the taste of the salad "Fish pond" has already new!layered salad with sprats fish in the pond

Personal improvement of chefs

The popularity of the dish so big that even though there's some debate as to cook it correctly. There are cooks who claim that the salad “Fish in the pond” Malacatan, and offer cheese to grate fresh cabbage and cucumber. Other chefs insist that the basic ingredients – the potatoes and carrots – it is finely cut; using a grater, in their opinion, should just skip the eggs. However, on an equal footing to take part in this debate and to evaluate the rightness (or wrongness) of judgments, the first step is to prepare the salad, “Fish in the pond”, at least in the classic version.


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