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Many people love a delicious and aromatic barbecue. But, unfortunately, do not always have the time to cook it. Fortunately, the reasons for the disorder not. It offers a cafe "shashlychny Dvorik" in Cheboksary. Address, menu, description and reviews of available your attention in this article.shashlychny Dvorik Cheboksary

"shashlychny Dvorik" (Cheboksary): description

The locals know a lot about gourmet dishes. That's why cafe "shashlychny Dvorik" in Cheboksary is incredibly popular among visitors. Relaxed atmosphere and smiling employees of the institution will appeal to all those who came here for the first time. The aroma of cooked kebab instantly improve appetite. A high level of service and reasonable prices will satisfy even the most demanding visitor.

In a cafe "shashlychny Dvorik" in Cheboksary you can mark important and memorable event. Price per person is from seven hundred rubles. Experienced employees will do everything to make your holiday an unforgettable and unique event. If you don't want to leave home, then you will bring everything you need for dinner or lunch in a friendly circle. To order, you will not only barbecue, but also salads, desserts, hot and cold dishes. That you all brought home, you can order through the Internet or by telephone. It will take quite some time, and delicious meals prepared just for you, on your Desk. All ordered dishes brought in high-quality packaging that retains all the taste of the product.


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In the café you can relax in private cabanas, the capacity of which is up to ten people. There are also two halls for banquets. Small for thirty people, and a big - up to ninety. Remember that places to stay needs to be booked in advance.

A Romantic candlelit dinner, wedding celebration, birthday, corporate event or any other celebration will be held here at the highest level. The employees of the institution will always help with advice on choosing the menu and the hall decoration. Here you will find totally unique atmosphere, which allows anyone to feel welcome. The smell of fresh wood in the gazebo, fragrant smoke of the upcoming barbecue, delicious meat - acting hypnotic way every man that cometh into the cafe. If you came here for the first time and will definitely be back again. Moreover, not alone but with a group of friends or your family.shashlychny Dvorik Cheboksary, Gladkova

Location and hours

Our readers will be interested to know where "shashlyk yard" (Cheboksary)? Gladkova, 2 - the address of the facility. Also offer to meet with the hours of operation of the institution. Are waiting for you here every day from 11:00 to 24:00 and on Sunday, the cafe opens from 10:00. In the summer, "shashlychny Dvorik" in Cheboksary is open until 01:00. Is always lively and crowded. Phone number where you can book a table, you can find on the official website.kebab houses courtyards in Cheboksary

"shashlychny Dvorik" (Cheboksary): menu

I Think that readers will be interested to know that the chefs here used for cooking only fresh meat and quality vegetables. Let's get acquainted with the menu. In assortment a wide choice of dishes cooked on the coals: pork loin, drumstick, lamb kebab, kebab beef, baked tomatoes, etc Hot dishes: French meat, escalope of pork, porterhouse, dolma, khashlama, pasta Carbonara, medallions of pork tenderloin, and more. The chef also serves a range of hot and cold appetizers, salads and desserts. And most importantly, that visitors here can enjoy the most delicious barbecue cooked by professionals. To the meat you are several kinds of delicious sauces: tomato, sour cream, garlic.

Drink we recommend to try espresso and an Americano, and fresh carrot and grapefruit juices. You can order and hookahs. Masters of their craft will offer you the choice of a huge number of flavors. There is classic and new. Each of them is unique and unique.shashlychny Dvorik Cheboksary photo

Reasonable prices and delicious food

In the city there are other worthy institutions. But it is here that you realize that you needed to be happy. Cafe "shashlyk yard" in Cheboksary (photo presented in the article) is the center of attraction for the whole city. It offers fine food and quality rest!

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