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Among a huge number of institutions it is difficult to choose one. They vary their services, prices, concepts, level of work. Besides, everyone has their requirements for institutions that are not always backed up even in the best of them. Well, that criteria of decent places to stay, many visitors agree with the proposals in the place called “Protected” café (Krasnoyarsk), where you know what to offer.

Location mode

“Protected” café (Krasnoyarsk), which is very popular. The city has two such institutions: one in the street high-rise, 2l, another – Kopylova, 74. In the article below we will go more on the latter, as it collects a large amount of positive feedback and is considered much better, although the first will not escape. a conservation café Krasnoyarsk“Protected” Kopylova can be visited any day of the week. Monday to Saturday doors are open from 10 am to 2 am and Sunday – to 1. Many people consider the decor, the food, the service, the overall situation, because of their high quality allows you to relax and forget about everyday problems. Before you plan your evening, is to learn about the availability of tables.


Every institution strives to offer its visitors something special. “Protected” café (Krasnoyarsk), in which the guests will remember the bright, saturated moment. In addition to interesting appearance in the school provide a range of services that will greatly simplify life.Brasserie menu for Example, guests often use the opportunity to organize in a cafe wedding, prom, anniversary, corporate event or other celebration. Real professionals do their job at the highest level, and customers remains only to discuss the menu and the Seating. In a cafe, “Protected” always take care of visitors. At least it confirms the fact that on weekdays, birthdays or just large companies can get good discounts.


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Then, as a formalized institution, says a lot about the quality of it services. Cafes “Protected” will plunge into an unusual, slightly magical world in which you'll definitely want to stay as long as possible. It decided not to go far from the name. What color is associated something protected? Of course, with green. In cafes all done in shades of that color. The interior is simply amazing. The first thing that immediately attracts attention, – it is a tree. Yes, right in the middle of the room is a large tree that looks perfect with everything happening around. This interesting solution allows visitors to feel like sitting under the canopy of a huge oak. cafe reserve Krasnoyarsk on gordkAll because the ceiling is designed in such a way that different segments of neon lights and create the branches of this tree, turning the school into a magical forest. On the walls continues the same idea in images of plants. Wooden tables and chairs, soft light, good serving, small details-all this is perfectly complements the interior and makes it complete.

And here café “Protected” (Krasnoyarsk) for Gordk (street high-rise) did not give such admiration. In the design of rooms is very simple and concise. Painted beige walls, red floors and tablecloths in the same tone, wood furniture and standard lamps – perfect for the dining room is unremarkable for the cafe.

Menu and prices

Menu in a café – his heart. The food finally allows you to identify a good school or not. In a cafe, “Protected” each dish will be remembered for an incredible aroma, rich taste and appetizing appearance. The basis was taken the culinary traditions of Russia and Europe. Some items are copyright of the chefs, so in this place you can discover something new. Cafes “Protected” (Krasnoyarsk), which menu will surprise you with its diversity, will allow to sit on average 1300-1500 rubles. Some just went crazy with the tenderest meat in the tandoor, someone comes into the school, just to taste the soup or ear, others are tempted by meat or fish appetizers. As this place develops in the eyes of the inhabitants since 1999, the kitchen is one of continuous improvement and is regularly updated with new ideas.


Café “Protected” (Krasnoyarsk) for Kopylova will allow you to take on the rest high. Its atmosphere will make you feel at ease. First, the type of institution makes the meal extraordinary. This will not reach the walls of his home, even if the table will be the best masterpieces of world cuisine. Many people visit such places to enjoy food in a beautiful place, and “Protected” café (Krasnoyarsk), in which this can be achieved. cafe protected Krasnoyarsk, KopylovSecond, the institution is not going pompous, accustomed to luxury people. It does not need to pretend to be someone else, because all around are friendly to visitors, whatever they were. This allows to describe a soulful, cozy place where any pastime is going to crush.


Visitors like no other, everyone knows strengths and punctures. Reviews of cafe ‘Protected” is more and more replenished laudatory words, which already allows you to draw positive conclusions. Guests say that every detail in it provides an unforgettable vacation. The menu in the cafe, its interior and atmosphere make this place truly unique.cafe reserve Krasnoyarsk menu it is possible to eat for a very reasonable price, while enjoying live music or entertainment. Such admiration of visitors confirms the fact that the cafe is “Protected” is a wonderful place you should visit is mandatory.


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