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The Armenian vodka is considered one of the exclusive copies of the global alcohol industry. She was deservedly recognized by many gourmets. This kind of production in the ancient country of Armenia has always been considered a promising direction for the national alcohol industry. And its peak it had reached in the Soviet years.Armyanskaya vodka Country of stones


Today, Armenia is one of the largest exporters of these products. Every year it produces about fifteen to sixteen million liters of vodka. Supply of alcohol the country is mainly in the CIS, mainly to Russia.

Technology that you are Armenian vodka, very clearly stand out against traditional methods of the world alcohol industry. First of all, this circumstance is due to the fact that here we use a truly unique raw material. So, in addition to the classic wheat varieties, the Armenian vodka is prepared on the basis of a variety of berries and fruits by distilling them juice.

Such a wide variety in beverage choice of local master must first of all unique soil and climatic features of the country. In the territory of one only of the Ararat valley are growing vast orchards of apricot, peach, grape etc. It is here, local artisans and collected every year a rich harvest, which is an Armenian fruit vodka. She has an incredible aroma and becomes an ornament to any table.Armenian brandy

The Attention of fans of a strong high quality alcohol many Armenian manufacturers offer a variety of varieties, including the legendary mulberry and dogwood varieties, peach and apricot, plum, quince and even melon vodka. It is interesting that, in addition to the products of the standard strongholds – forty degrees, the wine list there are some plants and drinks with high proof — up to fifty or sixty percent.


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It is made from mulberry silk, which mainly grows in this country. Mulberry vodka – Armenian pride. Its unique taste is the reason that it has long been known throughout the world. The uniqueness, which is characterized by mulberry Armenian vodka, lies in the successful combination of pleasant, slightly intoxicating effect and in the presence of many beneficial nutrients. The particular technology on which it is made, is to use only natural ingredients that makes this drink truly clean and safe. Mulberry Armenian vodka has a seductive smell and unusual taste.Armenian vodka reviews

Apricot variety

This Armenian fruit vodka is perfect for the dining table. Even a small amount helps to fill the energy raises the tone and vitality. In addition, according to experts, this drink also has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Armenians often use it for preventive or therapeutic purposes for many ailments. Proven amazing recipe of this vodka made it environmentally friendly and completely natural. Manufacturers carefully monitor the quality of raw materials using only healthy ripe fruit.

Vodka of dogwood

It Turns out that these berries can be consumed not only fresh, but also processed. They make juice and jams, compotes and, of course, alcohol-containing spirits. Rich culture production cornaceous vodka in Armenia is undeniable proof of that. The fortress of the drink must be at least fifty degrees. For the production of these products is processed quite a number of dogwood. It also caused several high-price vodka. For example, in the recipe, which is Armenian vodka “a Country of stones” Cornel, to produce one liter of product, it is necessary to collect about thirty-five kilograms of ripe fruit. Moreover, to obtain the unique taste need is not garden variety, but a wild, largely surpassing the flavor. Used in the production of double distillation.Mulberry Armenian vodka

Vodka pomegranate

As a symbol of Armenia, the fruit is the raw material for alcoholic beverages, which has an amazing taste. Factories engaged in the production of this vodka, using only fresh pomegranates, wherein the dense structure and having a high sugar content. That is why the Armenian pomegranate vodka has a distinct flavor. Its taste is slightly sour fruit, subtle bitterness in the finish partitions and beans.

The structure contains only pomegranate fruit alcohol double distillation Charentais type, prepared drinking water.Armenian pomegranate vodka


One of the main features of Armenian alcoholic beverages of dogwood, apricot, pomegranate, totoki, etc. is considered to be a soft, does not taste of vodka, so they drink well. But the main thing about them is that they are one hundred percent composed of natural ingredients only.

Armenian vodka reviews, which attest to its great popularity, is a jewel of the feast. Many people buy it as a valuable gift to their relatives.

Judging by the reviews, for example, a dogwood variant is very soft. There are no special fruity taste. The Armenian vodka made from dogwood, pomegranate, etc. do not have a specific smell of alcohol. In addition, the drinks bottled in beautifully designed bottles that look great on the table.

The Big advantage of an Armenian fruit vodka from manufacturers such as "Artsakh”, “a Country of stones” and so on .d., according to user reviews, is the complete absence of any dyes, chemical fragrances, and other harmful components. Its composition is minimally simple: alcohol and water.

A Lot pleased with the price. For example, Cornel vodka is made of Ararat wine factory, it cost about five hundred rubles for half a liter.

The Mulberry species, how to consider themselves Armenians, many AIDS digestion. That is why many use it as an aperitif or digestif. “Great vodka» - this is about this Armenian products many Russians.


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