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Do You like liver? No? So you had no chance is really properly prepared, the by-product. From the liver can be done roughly as many different delicious dishes, how much, and for a good piece of meat. This stew, kebab, roast meat, cakes, and even liver cake. But more on that later. First, it is necessary to tell about advantages of this product.

The Liver – this is a great source of high quality protein, folic acid and iron, it is rich in vitamin A and vitamins of group B. It is a product number one in the number of coenzyme Q10, which is important for our cardiovascular system. A piece of beef liver contains about 338 mg of phosphorus, which is responsible for healthy bones, teeth and for the removal of toxins from the body. All these invaluable properties this product does not lose during heat treatment, and in the case of proper cooking, they also multiply. For example, if you cook liver pie with carrots, onions and potatoes, it significantly increases the content of vitamins, fiber. And the taste of food becomes a hundred times better.

And now let's talk about the dishes themselves. We offer you to cook our recipes for cooking liver pie and cake. For these dishes you can take as beef and chicken liver, the principle of their cooking is almost the same.

Liver cakeTo cook liver pie in advance of peel off the film and cut the product into smaller pieces. How to take it, depends on the desired volume output of the finished product. Grams from 500 to 800 would be sufficient. The liver for 2-3 minutes fried in a pan, the extracted juice is drained (it won't be needed). If desired, it can slightly put out, the Bay with a glass of white wine.


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From the vegetables you will need: 2 large carrots, 2 potatoes, 2 onions that are cut into cubes and fried in a pan until soft. Now all these ingredients are blended with liver, all salted, percise, and left to soak spices.

While the liver with marinated vegetables, cook savoury shortcrust pastry for the pie. Roll it, spread on the bottom of the form (don't forget to grease with vegetable or olive oil). On top of it put the liver with the vegetables, pour all of this egg, whipped with sour cream or mayonnaise (mixture should be slightly below pie is not damp). All sprinkle a little flour, and send kidney pie in the oven, preheated to 210°C, for 30 minutes. Feeding it should be hot.

to Cook liver cake

For those who want to surprise your guests and serve unusual snack, suggest to cook liver cake.

This 800 g chicken liver grind using a blender or grinder, add 3 eggs, Cup of flour, a little vegetable oil (like pancakes so they don't stick to the pan) and salt.

Get the batter from which the baked pancakes. They will serve as the basis of liver cake.

Now, when all the layers are fried, it is the turn of vegetable layer to “cakes”: grated carrots (200 g), roughly chopped onions (2 pieces) fried in a pan until Golden brown and stew in a small quantity of milk.

Liver cake

That was it, it remains only to lubricate each pancake with mayonnaise, spread on them some vegetables and form a cake. Top half recommend not only put mayonnaise on it, but decorate with greens. Serve this snack can be as warm or cold. The only condition that must be met – the cake should be given time to steep and absorb the smell of vegetables and mayonnaise it to become soft and delicate taste.

We Hope our recipes will help you to surprise your household with an unusual dish from the liver. Bon appetit!

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