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Halloween not so long ago became almost a mandatory holiday. Anyway, for those who have children. However, adults are also not averse to have fun and get scared. However, if on occasion there are children, must be a scary cake for Halloween even sweets should be frightening. The simple solution – to go to a pastry shop. There around the holidays are sure to bring something delicious and terrifying. But it is worth the treat so much that no horror, and some were not. So we accept the strong-willed decision: to prepare a cake for Halloween with their hands!cake for Halloween

The Best basis for imagination

Honestly, the main thing in a terrible cake is his fighting Indian coloring book with accompanying terrifying decorations. So you can use any cake recipe. But there are cakes, more fit for ornamentation, and there is such that substantially limits in this respect, the possibilities confectioner. The most convenient under the cake on Halloween we found a biscuit. Offer you a recipe of its manufacture.

  1. 4 eggs separated into whites and yolks. First whipped with 3/4 Cup sugar, the second – loneliness.
  2. Both weight carefully connected.
  3. Slowly, with stirring, is introduced a Cup of flour and half a spoon of baking powder.
  4. The Batter is poured into greased pan and bake from half an hour to forty minutes until you cease to adhere when perforation on a toothpick.

Ready and cooled cake cut horizontally in half or 3 parts (depending on thickness) each impregnated with syrup, then cake for Halloween is going peresekaetsya favorite cream. Then you can begin to master – giving the appropriate kind of terrible cakes.cake for the Halloween photo


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Design Options

Giving vent to your creative imagination, it is worth considering a few points.

  1. If the family has very young children (preschoolers), it is not necessary to make a cake for Halloween (see photo in review) too terrible: you can really scare a child, and instead of a happy holiday you will have the General and unsuccessful attempts to calm the howling baby.
  2. Do Not try to make the cake extremely naturalistic. Your decorations must remain something of a cartoon. Too detailed, brain, eyes and blood-stained fingers can have guests call disgust.

The rest of the flight of your imagination is not hindered. The favorite and least difficult performed by the following motives:

  1. Spider web from her masters at the center – everyone is running out of melted chocolate.
  2. Witches – are drawn with colored fondants, glazes the chocolate.
  3. Bats. The most successful idea – to mold out of chocolate and stick on skewers in the cake for the Halloween.
  4. Ghosts made of mastic or, again, are drawn.
  5. Skeletons, rats and black cats in stock.

And if you haven't died, then you can turn your cake on Halloween in a work of art. And your imagination will help you.cake for Halloween recipe with photo

Pumpkin cake Halloween recipe with photo

The framework differs from the standard; however, the recipe is highly popular during this holiday. 2 pinches of saffron pour a spoon of boiling water. After 10 minutes it is mixed with a glass of pumpkin puree made from roasted vegetables, and orange zest. 2 eggs whipped with a third Cup of brown sugar, vanilla and salt. Both mixtures connected vmeshivayutsya with a Cup of flour, baking powder, and 3 tablespoons vegetable oil; from the mass for half an hour it is baked in the cake. Further actions – as in the case of conventional sponge cake.

Cake “Pumpkin”

Form – the most it for Halloween. Less to fool with its re-creation, use two forms for pudding. The top edge of the trim after cooling to halves were closed tightly; each cake providitsa along the surface of the table, all the parts are glued together with an oil glaze. One of the bottoms for stability smoothly clipped. A third of a kilo of sugar fondant dye is colored in orange. She rolled and pasted all over the cake. Skewer pressed pumpkin slices. Melted chocolate is drawn by the “smile”; from the top you can put a chocolate witch.

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