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One of the oldest and still the most popular and favorite beverages that people drink is tea. Tea culture goes back centuries. The tea ceremony has its own rituals and traditions. Particular importance is given to drinking tea in countries where it is grown. In Europe the tradition of drinking tea has evolved thanks to the residents of Albion. It is the British first had the idea to mix different teas to create a modern tea ceremony, with its rules and actions.

How to grow tea

newby tea

The First harvest of the tea plantations begin to collect in the spring and continue harvesting until the summer. In this period, the tea leaves a little, so they are highly valued. Second harvest gives the most abundant results, while the quality of the sheet also remains at a high level. Important: tea is taken to collect only women. It is believed that women's fingers will not ruin the flavor of the drink.

The Tea plant in its wild form may grow up to 20 meters. Cultural variant is not allowed to exceed a height of 2 meters. Bushes are pruned to stimulate growth of shoots. The company "Newby" to all of their brands of tea uses the leaves of the first two charges. Bush cut the top shoots, called a flush. The leaves are dried and rolled. Collected in the summer raw is the best. It produces a tea with a powerful energy charge. It had the most intense flavor, color and unmatched flavor characteristics.

Tea production

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Newby for the production of tea uses raw materials grown on plantations in South-East Asia: India, China and Sri Lanka. In these favorable areas spring comes 4 times a year. And nature created conditions for the growth of tea bushes. Due to the wet, saturated warm air tea tree, or as it is also called Chinese Camellia, covered with dense, green leaves. Controlling the quality of raw materials in accordance with accepted standards occurs in all production cycles.


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Newby tea Tasters tested several thousand varieties collected tea leaves to choose and select the best. The admission process of harvest and processing is worked out in detail. And the time when the leaves fall from the plantations to the factory, is at no time more than 20 days. In order not to mix flavors, storage varieties of tea are used in a separate room and strict moisture control.

Tea company to produce their products focused only on quality raw materials. Control is exercised at all stages - from growing, harvesting and packaging. The unique design of the packaging is designed to preserve the quality of the sheet, the smell and the taste. Blending only the elite crops harvested at different tea plantations allow to obtain the tea of excellent quality.


  • Newby Tea black Assam leaf first packaged in sealed bags, and then placed in tins and cartons.
  • Packed In tin cans leaves, which differ in color and appearance.
  • Packaged in sachets, the leaves are also placed in envelopes of the foil.

Packaging Newby (tea) has a recognizable design and a window that allows you to see the leaves inside the pack, and mica blocks the effect of the light.

The Company produces teas, flavoured black, green, herbal and Rooibos. Compositions with added flavors made from natural ingredients: herbs, essential oils, fruits, berries and vegetables.

History Supplement tea of different flavors

newby tea reviews

The Fragrance of tea – the strengthening of its odor and filled with new shades, added vitamins and expanding options for tea. Unconventional and daring combination of tea leaves and additives were created since ancient times. In China to enhance the taste of the drink was added figs, ginger, mint or Bay leaf.

A Classic Chinese art of tea is considered warming up tea leaves with flowers. Brewed this way the tea from the flowers of the rose or Jasmine treated to exclusive drink and were allowed to use only people of the upper class. It was considered the most sophisticated method in the manufacture of tea – tea leaves indoors inside of a flower, then the petals were pervasives thread and dried.

The Modern production of flavored beverages – the preservation of old traditions and new development. The best teas are obtained on the basis of the quality of selected types of tea leaves and complemented with natural scents. Thanks to supplements tea is enriched and acquires new and amazing tastes.

A Variety of flavors of tea products

newby tea reviews

Newby tea – a line of English tea, which is distinguished from other brands wide range of tastes. Teas represented by the following brands:

  • “Assam” – strong, with a taste of malt, tart drink that has orange or red infusion. It is as if created in order that it was added sugar, cream, milk, lemon.
  • "Ceylon" - has a fresh aroma and citrus notes.
  • ‘Earl grey" - consisting of a mixture of tea varieties with bright infusion and smell of bergamot.
  • “Indian Breakfast» - with a rich ruby hue. This tea experts as to the most harmonious of tea.

Using qualitative Newby-tea, you can tone your body and improve health. Tea configures the soul in an exalted mood, inspires, pleases and inspires. Helps to open up the creative aspects of the personality and to add harmony and peace in everyday life.

Newby (tea): customer reviews

newby tea black

The opinions of buyers of different age groups in tune - this tea is very soft, loose and has a great taste. Even if he remains in the Cup and becomes stronger, a viscosity in the mouth is not felt. Also, note that after the brewed tea bag do not stay dark stains on the Cup, no residue and plaque. Newby tea black, as noted by the consumers, for the average buyer a little expensive. But it's worth it, especially when you try and feel all the splendor and aroma of the drink. Newby really considered a benchmark for quality and great taste.

The Company "Newby" is not only engaged in tea production, its task is to maintain and leave at the height of the tea legacy.


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