Shortbread dough. Recipe for pie with berries and other treats


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Shortbread dough is prepared fairly quickly. It is to prepare various cakes and cookies. The most delicious shortcrust dough products represent a basket with fillers. According to this principle is the famous lorinsky pie, quiche and many other delicacies. What producesthe dough - sweet or fresh, you decide. We only describe how the food is prepared and what are the advantages of each of them.pastry recipe for pie with berries

The Beauty of simple dough

A Simple shortcrust pastry is suitable for sweet dessert dishes and dining meat, fish, vegetable and mushroom pies. It's all about the stuffing. And they can be very different. Delicious shortcrust pastry turns out high-quality products. It can be sweet – with eggs and sugar, and can be fresh – only from flour and butter or margarine. Those and other recipes deserve to learn. In our article we will teach you how to prepare baskets – framework for sweet berry pies, as well as describe what are the sandwich fillings.easy dough


For its preparation is necessary chopped shortcrust pastry. Recipe for cake with berries don't need to add no sugar, no eggs. The beauty of baking from fresh dough, in the contrast between the fragile and freshwater shell, and sugary-sweet filling. From this combination dessert seems more easy than in the case of sweet dough and filling. Brittle shortcrust pastry (a recipe for a pie with the berries will be slightly below) is easily removed from rigid molds with fluted edges, baked quickly, keeping its quality for a long time. Possible weekend to make several baskets, and on weekdays only to make the filling, fill their baskets and bake in the oven. Basket of savoury test-universal frame for all kinds of fillings. It perfectly set off the sweetness of the cream or custard, jam and meringue dessert versions as well as eliminates the sharpness of canned vegetables or salt and pepper meat, fish, etc.delicious pastry


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Mastering the cooking basics for tasty treats

Savoury shortcrust pastry (a recipe for a pie with the berries) is done as follows. Takes 250-gram pack of margarine and wheat flour-about three cups (how much). As for flour, milled from hard wheat for baking is always preferable, but the dough should not wander, walk in or roll out into a transparent layer, so you can use regular flour. This is another advantage of pastry to the other.product dough

Margarine is necessary in advance remove from the refrigerator to soften. Pour slide the flour. In the middle put the margarine and leaves it with a knife with flour. When the mass will gain some semblance of uniformity, it is necessary to collect in a lump, wrap in plastic and put on half an hour in the fridge. During this time the dough stabiliziruemost, you can then roll out the layer. The dough thickness-0,6-0,8 cm, using a rolling pin is transferred in a great shape, slightly pressed with fingers, trimmed on the edge and nakalyaet with a fork. All of this can be seen in the photos. In small forms the dough on the sides and bottom distributed fingers. It is important to avoid holes.product dough

The Form with the dough put in the oven and baked until ready. If the heat is large, the eight minutes will be enough. The finished basket should not be removed immediately – it may break. This can be done after it has cooled slightly.

Filling berry baskets

We are told how to cook a simple and savoury shortcrust pastry - a recipe for a pie with berries of any jam or fresh seasonal fruit – apricots, mulberries, raspberries, cherries, etc. – those that have a high sugar content. At the bottom of the basket is placed baked custard, it – berry jam or fresh, they – protein cream. Bake this delicacy you need for cooking technologies meringue.delicious pastry

At the bottom of the prepared baked and cooled baskets can be put sweet cream on it – jam or mashed pureed fresh berries. Berries – a scoop of ice cream or whipped cream. This cake is not baked, but rather is additionally cooled in the refrigerator.pastry recipe for pie with berries

Sweet shortcrust pastry

Sweet pastry is more suitable for biscuit. It turns crumbly and, from the large amount of oil, like melting in the mouth.

To prepare you need 100 g of softened margarine or butter mix with the same quantity of powdered sugar, two egg yolks and one Cup of flour (sift). To interfere with a spatula made of silicone or wood. Dough loves hands. Turning it into more or less homogeneous lump, wrap the whole lot in plastic and leave in refrigerator to cool and stabilize. In half an hour it can be rolled out and cut into strips or using special molds cut figures.easy dough without waiting for it get warm, that is cool, transfer to a baking sheet, stick the candied fruits or nuts and bake. In a hot oven cookies will be ready in less than 15 minutes.


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