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In the city of St.-Petersburg has microset institutions "Tube", which is owned by Aram Mnatsakanov, which received its fame due to the television "Hell's kitchen", "knives" and "the Inspector General against the chief", which was broadcast on the screens of the country from 2012 to 2014.

This Network consists of one restaurant in Moscow on Tsvetnoy Boulevard and one in St. Petersburg. Also it includes a flat "Tube" and a café with the same name, which is also located in the cultural capital of Russia.

cork restaurant St Petersburg

The restaurant "the Tube" (St.-Petersburg) on Dobrolyubova

This place was the first restaurateur Aram Mnatsakanov. He founded it in 2001, having no experience in this business as he says himself, solely on the enthusiasm. Then, in the embodiment of this business project was invested about 35 thousand dollars, the standards of St. Petersburg is not very much. The institution at once became very popular, because it prepared the dishes according to authentic Italian recipes that the population of Russia was at that time strange - of all the dishes of Italy people know only pizza.

Now this author's restaurant with excellent Italian cuisine. Chef here - Sergey beach, which cleverly experiments in the creation of new works of culinary art.

On weekdays, from 12 PM to 4 PM here might be on a business lunch and anyone to dine with 15% discount, what are many citizens who appreciate fine food.

The restaurant "the Tube" (St.-Petersburg) within the composition made in white and beige colors. There are a lot of parts made of light wood, the floor covered with beige flooring. The hall has a large bar, which can comfortably seat anyone. Tables are large and massive, made of wood, and chairs are black. In the small hall of the restaurant is a black Grand piano where a talented musician constantly performs famous hits.


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Runs this place every day from 12 PM till midnight.

restaurant tube Saint Petersburg menu

Restaurant Menu

Amazing Italian dishes made the restaurant famous "Tube" (St.-Petersburg). Menu offer:

  • Good appetizers (bruschetta, eggplant Parmigiano, tar-tar of tuna with fresh fennel, a platter of meat delicacies);
  • Light salads (fresh vegetables, with Turkey and pomegranate ceviche with sweet potato and rabbit (warm), "Burrata");
  • Hot soups (cream of tomato soup, Mediterranean fish, "Anolini", chicken with homemade pasta);
  • Meat (fillet of beef on the grill, shovel the milk of Icelandic lamb, steak wedges, chicken "Alla Diavolo");
  • Fish (cod, Dorado, tuna, octopus, Sicilian -).

A Separate place in the menu is Italian pizza ("Focaccia", "Four cheese", "Margarita", with ricotta and spinach with salami) and risotto ("Financer", "Alla Marinara" with cheeks of a calf).

"Tube" - restaurant (Saint-Petersburg), which is the dessert menu separately. It especially popular chocolates with rosemary Panna cotta, soup of berries, sorbet and ice cream, specialty donuts, Tiramisu, and an original sweet dish "Alla Pavlova".

restaurant tube Saint-Petersburg

Bar restaurant

The bar of the restaurant is dominated by a wine that is produced exclusively by famous manufacturers. The restaurant buys this drink winemakers in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Austria. The sommelier, who works at the school, always with great pleasure and with knowledge will help you choose the right wine for the dish ordered.

The bar, you can also find a range of liqueurs, whiskey, cognac, gin, vodka, tequila and champagne.

There are also soft drinks, in particular coffee, tea, juice, juice, lemonade, and water.

Café "Jam" (St.-Petersburg)

Cafe is a small establishment, consisting of one room, the interior is done in beige color. There are a few small tables and wood chairs. In the middle of the hall is a large counter where you can order. Almost at the entrance to the cafe flaunts a red motorcycle, which is very harmoniously blends in with the bright colors of the room.

The café constantly have different discounts: every day after 5 PM anyone can order sweets and cakes with 50% discount, Monday to Thursday 20% discount is valid on all menu items (after 5 PM).

Kitchen café "Jam" is run by chef Igor Alpeyev. Under his leadership, prepared here:

  • Several types of salads (vegetables with sheep cheese and walnut dressing, herring under a fur coat, Olivier, tuna);
  • Meats (befstroganov, roast pork, duck confit, steak "Chuck roll");
  • Side dishes (grilled vegetables, mashed potatoes);
  • Soups (chicken with dumplings, borsch, kharcho, ear in Norwegian).

In addition to the above, you can eat pizza, pasta, crepes and delicious desserts.

Drinks at the café can offer cocoa, tea, coffee, juice, fruit-drink.

The Cafe "Jam" works only on weekdays from 8.30 am to 6 PM.

restaurant tube Saint Petersburg at Dobrolyubova

Flat "Stopper"

This is a separate project that was invented by the owner Aram Mnatsakanov with the purpose of banquets.

Apartment - it's a kind of Banquet hall that you can rent to celebrate a wedding day, anniversary and any other of your celebration or corporate event. It is very convenient simply to gather a large noisy company. The window of this little room overlooking the Petrograd side and the Peter and Paul Cathedral.

Within the walls of this small hall can accommodate up to 65 persons. The hall has a separate entrance from the street, your wardrobe and the Grand piano. At every Banquet a personal sommelier for vacationers highlights the restaurant "the Tube" (St.-Petersburg).

restaurant tube Saint Petersburg reviews

Reviews of tourists

All who are there in the restaurants of Aram Mnatsakanov, I want to return again and again. Talking about this rave reviews of guests who delight delicious food, nice interior and the warm atmosphere that prevails in the institution. In addition, guests noted the professionalism of the staff working here.


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