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Legumes are good not only in soups and second dishes, but also as a snack. Fans of beans even preserve it for the future to enjoy the taste of the cold winter. Jar you can take with you to the cottage or to open at home when not ready side dish for lunch or dinner. Salad "kidney Bean in winter” will be delicious, nutritious and natural snack that is good both in warm and in cold. Try it and you!

About the benefits of beans

Beans can be served as a side dish or as a separate dish, because it's nutritional value is almost a substitute for meat. This legume contains many minerals and vitamins that are perfectly preserved after preservation.

People who regularly consume beans, more balanced and calm, because it favorably affects the nervous system. This leguminous plant has insulin-like and antibacterial activity, and eliminates inflammation in the liver. It is important that it normalizes the metabolism, so with excess weight are recommended to include in your diet salad “Bean to the winter” at any time of the year.

kidney bean salad for the winter

Bean appetizer without side effects

Use bean invaluable, but you have to suffer from side effects. It is known that after eating beans intestinal gases are formed. This is easily avoided if you know some tricks

  • Beans need to soak, changing the water periodically. This will allow to get rid of excess sugar, which is released from the bean.
  • To Cook the product must on slow fire to full readiness. Better to wait for the body quickly digested snack.
  • When eating legumes in a large number of specialists strongly suggest to drink plenty of fluids and exercise.

These recommendations will be an invaluable addition to the recipe for winter harvesting of salad "Bean". It is better not to ignore, not to suffer from high gas.


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Cooking Secrets

  • Cooked and cooled beans can be frozen in a special package or container to further reduce the cooking time.
  • Canned beans are recommended to wash, if necessary to avoid excessive saltiness in the dish.
  • For boiling it is desirable to take five times more water. For example, one hundred grams you will need half a liter. It is worth considering that 80 grams of beans turns out a glass of the finished product.

kidney bean salad for the winter recipe

  • It is Recommended to check the readiness with a fork the beans. It should be easily divided into parts.
  • Only when the beans become soft during cooking, you can add vegetables and spices, because they slow down the cooking.

To Make canned starter very easily. This will help these tips and the recipe with a picture of the salad "kidney Bean in winter”.

Ingredients for snacks

To make four liter jars of canned salad, you will need the following number of products.

- a Kilo of beans;

- a kilo of onions;

two pounds of tomatoes;

- a pound of red carrots;

- a pound of pepper;

- two hundred grams of vegetable oil;

- tablespoon sugar;

and a half tablespoons of salt.

Training products

In the process not to be distracted, ingredients it is better to prepare in advance.

The first is to soak the beans. This can be done in two ways. Either leave overnight in cold water, or pour boiling water for a few hours. After this time the beans should be thoroughly rinsed under running water several times.

kidney bean salad for the winter step-by-step recipe

Meanwhile, you can do vegetables. Carrot peel, onion – from the husk, tomatoes – from the roots and skin of the pepper to remove the seeds. Salad "kidney Bean in winter,” the vegetables can be crushed in various ways. Traditionally they are cut in small strips or cubes. But you can also grate carrots on a grater and tomato mince. All at the discretion of the hostess.

Direct trade

Now you can go back to beans. After soaking it, rinse and put to boil in a thick-walled saucepan or cauldron with plenty of water. As soon as it boils, it should reduce the heat. From time to time it is necessary to remove the resulting foam and to stir the beans so they do not stick to the bottom of the dish. Salt cannot until fully cooked bean!

While cooking the main ingredient, you can re-do the vegetables. Preheat a frying pan to pour vegetable oil and fry the onions until Golden brown. Then add the carrots. In five to seven minutes to shift the Bulgarian pepper. About the same time to send into the pan tomato mass. Now you need to simmer the preparation for a winter salad with beans on medium heat until the liquid boils away. All this time you should stir the vegetables so they don't burn.

kidney bean salad for the winter composition

Most Likely, the beans already prepared, was soft but not overcooked. With water it is drained into a separate saucepan (it will need it). Beans themselves to shift to vegetables. Mix gently and gradually add water from beans. You can not pour all of the liquid, its amount depends on personal preference. Who prefers snacks in the juice, and someone – in the sauce.

It Is time to season with salt and poslastit dish. Definitely need to taste. It's enough to get a spoon snacks, cool slightly on a platter and taste. You may have to add a little more seasoning. It all depends on the saltiness and sweetness of the tomatoes themselves.

In principle, this entire step-by-step salad recipe “Bean to the winter”. It remains only to roll it into jars for long storage.

Preservation salad

It would be Better to use a half-liter or liter jars. They preferred to empty immediately, but do not store open in the fridge. Banks to wash properly and dry. To put be sterilized in a cold oven on the grill on very low heat. Temperature gradually to reach a hundred degrees, but not above, otherwise the banks will burst. Remove with a towel and leave to cool. Cover enough to douse boiled water. Sterilize the dishes and any other usual way.

kidney bean salad for the winter recipe photo

The Finished beans to shift into sterile jars and immediately close the lids. Good spin, put down the neck and check for leaks. It remains only to wrap a towel or blanket to cool down the salad.

In the winter this is a great starter. It is very tasty with fresh garlic, dill, cilantro and some bread.

The composition of the salad "kidney Bean in winter” for the slow cooker

From this amount of ingredients will be almost 3.5 liters of refreshments.

  • Three cups of beans.
  • In one pound:


- pepper

- red carrot;

- onion.

  • Three Hundred milliliters of vegetable oil.
  • About two tablespoons of salt.
  • Deleteproperty vinegar (optional).

Cooking in a slow cooker

In a slow cooker is very easy to cook this delicious salad.

1. Legumes and vegetables need to prepare the same way as suggested above. Soak the beans overnight or for several hours. Peel the vegetables and slice them.

2. In a slow cooker to cook the beans in the program of fighting in the course of one hour. It should be almost soft.

3. To the beans add the chopped vegetables, vegetable oil and salt. Mix well and re-install the program stewing, but at two hours.

kidney bean salad for the winter recipe of the workpiece

4. While cooking the salad "kidney Bean in winter”, you can do the lids and jars. But to sterilize them better towards the end of cooking.

5. After the signal multivarki red hot snack on the banks. In each request, you can put a tea spoon of vinegar. This is the case if the tomatoes will be enough acid.

6. Covers banks roll, flip and wrap something warm to cool.

Variation with eggplant

In winter preservation of beans goes well eggplant. This snack is prepared quickly, it will get a little crispy, but no less tasty.

You will Need the following products.

  • A Pound of beans.
  • Three pounds of eggplant.
  • Approximately six pieces of pepper.
  • Three Hundred grams of garlic.
  • Two tablespoons of vegetable oil.
  • The Third part of the glass of vinegar.
  • Salt and pepper to taste.
  • Any herbs as desired.

This salad recipe “Bean to the winter” is very simple and does not require a lot of time and effort.

1. Beans soak in water and peel the vegetables and slice them.

2. The beans and wash the eggplant and put in pot with water. Cook for approximately six minutes.

3. After that, the eggplants should be put under the press. It is necessary to remove excess fluid.

4. In a separate pan to fold FA...

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