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Salad with pomegranate, the recipe of which we will discuss below, can be prepared in different ways using simple and readily available ingredients. Today your attention will be presented several options for meals, which includes such a beautiful and delicious component as maroon pomegranate seeds.

How to cook salad with pomegranate and chicken?

salad with pomegranate and chickenTo make this hearty and nutritious dish, you need to prepare in advance the following products:

  • Chicken & ndash; about 200 g;
  • Pomegranate seeds (maximum dark) – from ½ large fruit;
  • Sweet orange – 1 PCs.
  • Lettuce red – 50 g;
  • Lettuce green – 50 g;
  • Arugula – 40 g;
  • Apple cider vinegar – about 6 ml;
  • Refined olive oil-50-60 ml;
  • Salt and pepper-add to taste.

Preparing main ingredients

Salad with pomegranate and chicken has lots of cooking options. We decided to present the easiest and most inexpensive. Therefore, chicken should be boiled in salted water, then cool and cut into small cubes. Next white poultry meat are required to pay into the pan, season with pepper and olive oil, and then fry until Golden brown.

All pre-prepared greens must be well washed and cut into fairly large pieces (you can break with your hands). Sweet orange should be cleaned, separating from a rigid film and cut the pulp into medium cubes. Also need to carefully remove the grain from pomegranate.

The Process of forming a food

To make the salad with pomegranate and chicken should take most, but not very deep bowl. It takes place a layer of leaves, mixed greens, fried chicken and orange slices. Then dish it is necessary to sprinkle pomegranate seeds, then pour a mixture of Apple cider vinegar and olive oil.


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It is particularly noteworthy that the salad with pomegranate and chicken is considered a fairly low-calorie. In this regard, it can be used even for those who carefully watching their figure or are on a diet.

Preparing a beautiful salad ‘Garnet bracelet” for a festive table

This salad with pomegranate and beets also includes poultry. However, it is better to use Breasts and drumsticks. But about all under the order.

salad with pomegranate and beetsSo, to prepare festive meals we will need the following ingredients:

  • Potato tubers medium-3 PCs.
  • Beets – 2 large item;
  • Large carrots-3 PCs.;
  • Chicken leg quarters – 4 large items;
  • Salt-add to taste;
  • Mayonnaise sour cream – about 250 g;
  • Onion sweet – medium head;
  • Large ripe pomegranate - 1 PC.


Salad with pomegranate recipe which we consider requires careful handling of the ingredients. Because such a dish should be not only delicious, but also beautiful.

First we need to boil all the prepared foods in salted water (chicken drumsticks, beet, carrots and potatoes). After that you want to separate the meat from the bones and skin, and then finely chop it. As for vegetables, they should be cleaned and RUB on a coarse grater. It is also necessary to separately chop the onion and remove the grain from pomegranate.

Formation meals

salad with pomegranate recipeSo nice to create this salad, you should take a large flat dish and set in the middle of the faceted glass. After this the remaining surface layers required to put the following products:

  • Chicken meat
  • Boiled potatoes
  • Onions;
  • Carrots;
  • Beets.

All of these layers should be liberally lubricated with cream mayonnaise. In the end on the beets need to put the pomegranate seeds. You must then carefully remove the glass, and the finished salad to put in a cooler for a couple of hours.

Delicious and nourishing salad with pomegranate and nuts

For making such an unusual and nutritious snacks, we will need the following products:

  • Peeled walnuts-100 g;
  • Large ripe pomegranate-1 PC.
  • Medium size carrots-2 PCs.
  • Potatoes-about 3 pieces;
  • Eggs large – about 3 PCs.
  • Cheese – 200 g;
  • Mayonnaise is high in calories – approximately 250 g.

Training products

Salad with walnuts, pomegranate and eggs turns very high in calories and hearty. For cooking please wash and dry in the pan the walnuts and then finely grind them up. Then you want to boil all the vegetables and eggs. It is desirable to RUB on a large grater with hard cheese. You also need to extract all the pomegranate seed.

salad with pomegranate and walnuts

How to create the dish?

Salad with pomegranate and cheese formed very easily. To do this, take a large plate and lightly grease the surface with mayonnaise. Next, we need to turn to put chopped walnuts, grated potato tubers, carrots, eggs and cheese. On each layer of products, be sure to apply high-calorie mayonnaise, otherwise the dish will turn out dry and not very tasty.

In the end formed the salad you want to sprinkle liberally with pomegranate seeds. To serve this unusual dish is recommended only after it rises in the refrigerator (at least 3 hours). During this time all the ingredients are impregnated with mayonnaise that makes the salad very tender, juicy and tasty.

Mixed salad with pomegranate seeds and seafood

Unlike the previous dishes, the salad with shrimp and pomegranate mixed, and not laid out on a plate in layers. That is why this appetizer is prepared fairly quickly and easily.

So, to create a beautiful and original holiday meals we will need:

    • Cabbage fresh – approximately ½ of head;
    • Large garnet Burgundy – ½ fruit;
    • Canned pineapple (rings) - 1 small Bank;
    • Frozen shrimp – about 350 g;
    • Sticks crab – 7-9 PCs.
    • Salt small – add at own discretion;
    • Mayonnaise fat (it is desirable to take sour cream) – for fueling (at own discretion).salad with walnuts and pomegranate

The Process of preparing products

To prepare this interesting dish must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Thoroughly rinse the Chinese cabbage leaves and then dry them well and very finely chop.
  2. To Clean a pomegranate from the peel and membranes and carefully remove all whole grains.
  3. Pre-remove from the freezer crab sticks, thawed, and then finely cut into cubes.
  4. Open canned pineapple, drain the syrup, then cut them into small pieces.
  5. Fully thawed shrimp (at room temperature), put them in boiling water and after boiling cook for approximately 2-3 minutes. It is extremely important not to overdo the seafood on the fire, as they become very tough and tasteless. After the shrimp you want to drain in a colander and wait until they completely cool. In conclusion, the seafood should be cleaned. Those that are larger, can be cut into halves, and small – leave whole.

The form of meals

Once all ingredients are thoroughly processed, they should be put in a deep bowl and mix well, pre-Dobrev fatty mayonnaise. Keep this salad in the refrigerator is not necessary. It can be served immediately after refueling.

A Tender and delicious salad with pineapple and chicken Breasts

This dish turns out very tender and tasty. It is especially popular with the children. The popularity of salad among kids due to the fact that in the end it turns out not salty, and slightly sweet.

salad with shrimp and pomegranate

So, for making presents of treats we will need the following components:

  • Fresh chicken breast-about 500g;
  • Canned pineapple (better to buy them in rings) - 1 large can;
  • Garnet small – 1 PCs.
  • Mayonnaise fat-about 150 g (for salad dressing);
  • Cheese – 170 g;
  • Walnuts peeled-a handful.

The Process of preparing ingredients

To prepare the salad with pomegranate and pineapple, there's nothing complicated. It only requires you to boil chicken Breasts in lightly salted water, then cool them, separate the loin from the bones, skin and cartilage and finely chop it. You should also drain all the syrup from the canned pineapples and cut them into medium pieces. Next, you need to RUB on a large grater cheese. As for...

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