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Among alcoholic beverages, rum is a special place. This is due to the fact that it was only in those countries where sugar cane growing. That's when it turns the processing of raw materials for the production of rum. This alcoholic drink is considered a national of a country such as Cuba, the Caribbean, South America, Jamaica. That's where best developed the cultivation of sugar cane, from which they receive a product like molasses. This component, in addition to rum, and add to the pastry, it is rich in calcium and vitamins.rum 60 degrees

How to make a strong alcoholic drink?

The manufacturing technology of manufacture rum alcohol with the help of special installations of periodic action. Initially, the product that remains after processing using yeasts and lactic acid bacteria create a fermentation process. Before starting the distillation, the yeast is separated, and the obtained raw materials are processed. Sometimes use burnt sugar.

It Turns out an unusual and aromatic alcoholic drink, which after exposure is diluted to the proper formulation of the fortress. The end result is you can determine how many degrees in Roma. This value ranges from 40 to 50%.

Varieties and kinds of rum

Today there is no single standard by which it would be possible to characterize a particular brand. Each country independently determines the timing of exposure and how much rum degrees. Light drink is usually Cuban, he unexpressed fragrance, and it has a lighter shade. Average ROM already has a specific taste and gets special color during aging in oak barrels. Dark rum is considered heavy, a long time is stored in containers that are pre-roasted. It is impossible to name the total value of the fortress of the beverage. Answering the question about how much rum degree, we can say: from 40 to 80%, depending on the Roma in degrees


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The Old Austrian drink "Shtro 60" out of the General line. This rum is 60 degrees which is normal. In pure form it is used rarely, mostly as a component of cocktails and punches.

Famous brand Roma

The Most robust in a number of alcoholic drink is rum “obscure”. It is very popular in the world, and, despite the fact that each country has its own measure of strength of the alcohol, its priority is indisputable. However, he has a soft taste, unique flavor. Doing it in the rum family for many years, they created the original recipe.

Bacardi how many degrees

Many people dream to try the famous rum "Bacardi". How many degrees to his limit? As you know, the fortress comes to 75.5 %. Should try this drink as fruity aftertaste leaves a memorable impression. Feels vanilla, oak notes, the palate is complex and amazing.

Drink rum most often in its original form, it is appropriate to use it in fruit smoothies. But it is worth remembering how much rum degrees. He quickly lights up, so you need to treat him gently, suitable for dishes, which recipe requires to burn.

The Family of Bacardi has hundreds of brands, their products are popular on all continents. The main product is their flagship rum, which is the most expensive.

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