Delicious and flavorful liver cake: recipe from chicken liver


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Liver cake (recipe from chicken liver is presented to your attention below) it turns out very tender and tasty. This dish can be served to the holiday table as a cold appetizer after the salad but before the main dinner. It should be noted that there are many ways to prepare this savory cake. Today we'll look at the most delicious and simple option.

Liver cake: recipe from chicken liver

Ingredients Necessary:liver cake recipe from chicken liver

  • Vegetable oil unscented-75 ml (for frying meals);
  • Chicken liver-1 kg;
  • Small chicken egg-4 PCs.
  • Bulbs large bulb-5 PCs (2 in base);
  • A large fresh carrots-3 PCs.
  • Fat mayonnaise and quail egg – 200 g;
  • Milk 3%first fresh – 250 ml;
  • Flour-4 large tablespoons;
  • Fresh garlic-2-3 cloves;
  • Salt & ndash; to pour to taste;
  • Grated cheese-80 g (for decoration);
  • Fresh parsley, dill – (for decoration).


Liver cake (recipe from chicken liver involves the use of only simple components) should begin to do with mixing liquid Foundation. This requires a well washed 1 kg of by-product, clearing it of all films, veins, and other inedible items. Then the meat must be minced in a meat grinder, put the 2 onions. Then to the resulting mass should be added to table salt, 3% fresh milk, eggs and wheat flour. As a result of long mixing of all components, you should get enough liquid Foundation (like thin sweet pancakes).liver cake made with chicken liver

Preparing the filling

This delicious and delicate appetizer will turn out much tastier if the process of its preparation and use products such as carrots and onions. To understand how to make flavorful vegetable stuffing for this dish, consider its detailed recipe. Chicken liver cake is formed in exactly the same way as ordinary sweet dessert, so the carrots and onions for this dish, preferably much grind (shred and grate). Further, both the component you want to fry on vegetable oil, Dobrev their table salt.

The Process of making savoury pancakes

To make a delicious and tender liver cake made with chicken liver, is required to prepare 6 to 9 pancakes for 1st meal. Are roasted are “cakes” in a frying pan with vegetable oil exactly the same as the usual sweet pancakes.

The Formation of food

recipe chicken liver cake

To prepare this snack you must put the ready liver pancakes on a flat plate, brushing each of them is garlic mayonnaise and Dobrev and sauteed vegetables. As a result of such action you need to climb quite high with the surface which you want to decorate with grated cheese and chopped fresh herbs.

How to serve

Ready liver cake (recipe from chicken liver has been presented above) should be covered with a plastic bag and a couple of hours in the refrigerator. Next dish is required to cut into portions and bring to the table, along with a pointed shovel.

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