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What still the beauty of summer herbs, and the zucchini being gone, and who they are in the area grow – beauty:  leaving behind them virtually nothing, and  excellent Breakfast cook!

I Know that a zucchini on the market side skirt – herself was, apparently, long was alive in the memory banks with caviar squash when on the shelves there was nothing else, and somehow they are not particularly drawn, perhaps that will treat someone of your friends from the giving polosatenkie zucchini – then it for greater beauty in a vegetable stew added, and green, in the extreme case, slices to fry in the pan and all. Although I do not argue, is also delicious. But really zucchini I appreciated only after zucchini fritters learned to do, and wonder now why we used their house is not prepared?

And to prepare zucchini fritters is very easy if someone, like me, had not thought of it themselves, or maybe once and done, forgotten, unable to recall.

I Do so: take the squash (variety not important) it would be better if this young vegetables, then 2-3 small things with soft skin, and if already Mature and large, and from one tavern oladushki a lot of work (you only need hard to clean off the peel and seeds to gut), 1 egg, flour a couple of tablespoons with a slide, a pinch of salt and a little soda, ground black pepper  to taste, dill (and other favorite), a few cloves of garlic and vegetable oil, which will fry.

Washed and peeled the zucchini grate on a medium grater and squeeze the juice, pour it somewhere, but if the squash is dry and gives a little juice, it is possible so to leave, finely chop the greens, part of it is sent to squash a lot, and part of the leave (she then goes to the decoration in the form of tasty powder on top). Dobavlen to the zucchini, egg, flour, mix well, add pepper, salt, add a little soda (just a little to make zucchini fritters were “fluffy”), once again all knead well - the dough is ready!

Separately, cleaned and finely chop a few cloves of garlic or if you don't want to cut, you can just cook the garlic press. Garlic while just standing on the sidelines.

Heat the pan, pour a thin layer of oil, wait until it is thoroughly ignited, and start tablespoon to spread it on our future pancakes, lightly giving them a form neat ovals or kruglyashey, as someone like that, and on top of a bit level. As soon as one side Browns lightly browned, turn with a spatula to the other side (hard to overcook it is not necessary, color should remain Golden and not dark brown like a meatball). As frying oil from the pan out, add a little, but much is not necessary to fill.


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Ready zucchini fritters, first remove the cloth or paper towel to leave excess oil, and the pancakes were not greasy.

Then I do this: take a little mayonnaise or sour cream and mix with crushed garlic and spread this mixture in one pancake, put it on top of the other, again cover it with cream or mayonnaise and garlic sauce on top and sprinkle fresh herbs that I have left is not added to the dough. Can pancakes and three layer stack, in this case, if they are cool, cool tiered appetizer turns out, we even like it better, then cut this cake knife and eat-yummy! But hot, with sour cream, pancakes with zucchini “cheers” out!

I'm told how to cook the most simple zucchini fritters, but I'm sure many Housewives can this recipe be modified to your liking, such as adding finely chopped or passed through a grater onion for flavor. But as the minced onion gives extra juice, I don't add. Can garlic squash right in the dough to add, but I personally prefer as I do, but you never know what else you can think of!

Bon appétit!

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