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The restaurant “Simple things” captivating with their charisma. The interior is dominated by minimalism, but it doesn't bother its many visitors. After all, here is a hearty and straightforward food at reasonable prices, and it comes with a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. As time has shown, such a concept works great. This place has a great reputation, and it is quite popular with residents. It will be discussed in this simple things


The restaurant “Simple things” — it is rather a deli cafe with a homey atmosphere and simple but quality food. At the core of his idea is the British gastropub trend, but this similarity is more ideological than conceptual. Traditional English pubs a few years ago got a second wind. This fact contributed to the emergence of them in a concise but quality menu (in addition to the standard snacks). So there is a new restaurant format — gastropub.

The creators of the restaurant chain “Simple things” does not copy the British trend, and just try to follow his basic ideas. For them the term “gastropub” associated with a number of key concepts: fair food, city cafe, casual, neutral, simple but important stuff. Restaurants and cafes in the heart of which lies this simple concept, managed to win recognition of the vast number of urban residents. And this trend continues to gain momentum.restaurants and cafes


The Restaurants and cafes under the guise of “Simple things” form a small network of public catering establishments in the capital. On Konyushkovskoy street in the metro "Barricade" is the first of them, which the creators call a gastropub. Here, in addition to fine drinks and snacks to them, offered a variety of hot meals, snacks and desserts. In the restaurant “Simple things” on Bolshaya Nikitskaya street lovers of noble drinks will certainly attract a rich wine cellar. Here everyone can taste several drinks and choose the most suitable ones. Spacious restaurant on Pyatnitskaya is concentrated the best of everything: great wine, delicious food (large portions!), friendly and relaxed atmosphere. This restaurant creators call gastrotomy and strongly recommend visitors to come in big and noisy simple things Orenburg


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The Atmosphere in the institution, as stated, lowly. However, this simplicity combines style and nobility. For example, a restaurant “Simple things” on Bolshaya Nikitskaya street is located in the basement of a historic building and consists of three rooms. Here there expensive simplicity: white walls and tables, Kraft paper, replacing tablecloths, funny basins-sinks, as well as many other interesting and cute little things. The interior of this place forms the particular visitors, while unusual for Moscow, a city of the democratic simple things Nikita


The restaurant “Simple things” is famous for its light and airy atmosphere. There is nothing ad hoc or artificial. The creators have tried to avoid any frills in the decor, service and menu. It serves food, the quality is comparable to that of a restaurant however it is much easier to handle, feed and range. Its format requires some gastronomic freedom, and therefore local food can be described in just two words: delicious and simple, without any additional epithets. A place that can be visited daily, is a restaurant called "Simple things”.restaurant simple things on Barrikadnaya


In Moscow, there are three institutions under one name, which form a single network. One is the gastropub “Simple things”, located on the street Konyushkovskaya near the metro station "barricade". Every visit to this place transforms into a celebration of joie de vivre. Here, visitors never go hungry. In the menu there are interesting dishes such as lamb shank, braised in white wine with thyme and mint, baked salmon with goat cheese, pistachios and spinach, and much more. In addition, it has a beautiful wine cellar. Here are drinks from around the world: Argentina, New Zealand, Italy, USA, Australia. Dessert, red, white, fortified, rose wine merge to visitors in the giddy dance from which not so easy to get, so inexperienced customers better use the services of a local sommelier. Selection of premium spirits – is a fun and exciting process, so a good wine list boasts any restaurant. Prices are also pleased: dinner at “Simple things” costs to the visitors in the amount of from 1000 to 1500 rubles.the simple things restaurant Bolshaya Nikitskaya

On Bolshaya Nikitskaya

The rich wine collection presented in the restaurant “Simple things” on Bolshaya Nikitskaya street. One of the mainideas institutions – the wine is available in every form. In this case, the visitor does not have to order a whole bottle. This is truly an original approach to the culture of alcoholic beverages in the institution “Simple things”. Restaurant (Bolshaya Nikitskaya street) allows visitors to buy the wine whole bottles, and glasses, for the capital of a rarity. Moreover, local wine list consists of products a small, but very interesting manufacturers, but the traditional set of familiar names in it.

In addition, the restaurant “Simple things” offers its visitors tasting sets (that is, the ordering of the crystals of the three types of wines for 50 milliliters). In the menu there are always sets under the names "crossing Europe", "the White guard", "Novyi Svet revolution", "Italian geography", as well as variations under the significant names of "40 degrees" and "Bitter, party of one".

The wines here are served a series of appetizers, among which there are Parmesan crisps, bruskey six types, cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, assorted pâtés, cold set, etc.

Of Course, the restaurant “Simple things" (Nikita) and offers a rich menu consisting of a great variety of hearty dishes. The food here is usually simple, fresh and gastronomically interesting. The institution has been regularly updated seasonal menu and some wine prices

On Pyatnitskaya

The restaurant “Simple things” on Pyatnitskaya – the institution in which is concentrated all the best. The creators call it gastrotomy, that is the place where a good wine shop and not inferior to it gastropub. Among the dishes offered here is the bread, snacks, breakfasts, new desserts… All the delicacies offered in this restaurant are impressive portions: tender fillet of beef baked in pastry, pie ‘Wellington’, appetizing rose gold-fish, oozing fat duck, lamb by-side… Here it is accepted to come in large and cheerful companies, to chat and to appreciate the unforgettable taste of local food.

With wine here is a special story. The restaurant on Pyatnitskaya it is stored in special tanks – a huge magnums, named by the ancient names of old Testament kings. The creators say that the wine in large bottles longer develops and persists. Like it or not, you can make your own by visiting this wonderful restaurant.


The Above network of institutions has its own unique style and offers its services at very reasonable prices. A creative approach to the design of restaurants has ensured its creators stable commercial success. Here addition to simple everyday pleasures: excellent wine, wonderful food, sitting with friends in a big company. It is not surprising that the popularity the population the restaurant “Simple things”. Orenburg, by the way, boasts a school of the same name, but to the above restaurants, it is irrelevant. However, it offers a similar atmosphere: a creative approach to cooking, the original wine cellar, demonstration of art-house films, relaxed atmosphere… This place no doubt deserves attention, since all the daring, new and fresh causes of public interest and sympathy.

In Russia, the gastropubs – the phenomenon is new and not yet very familiar. However, we can already say that it will be a success from the population, thanks to their democratic character and pleasant atmosphere.

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