Why red face from alcohol: possible causes and treatment


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And you know why after drinking alcohol red face? Many people just didn't pay attention to it. But this may not be the only anatomical feature, but a symptom of an allergic reaction. So why the red face from alcohol?why red face from alcohol

Capillaries and blood

Probably everyone knows what happens in that moment when the blood starts rushing to my face. It takes on a glow and warming up. In some cases, just blushes. The anatomical reason for this phenomenon is due to the condition of the capillaries located in the subcutaneous layers. This is the most small vessels. Some of the capillaries are placed almost immediately under the skin. It is from them and depends on the color of the skin. In this case, when the rapid change of blood flow in the capillaries is rapidly changing and complexion.

If the small blood vessels constrict, the skin becomes more pale. With the resumption of blood flow, a person acquires a more vivid color. Why red face from alcohol? It's simple. By ingestion of ethanol in the human body is vasodilation. In addition, the substance causes the gluing of red blood cells. Such a process can lead to blockage of small vessels.

Skin Type

It is Worth noting that the complexion can change even in the result of individual to individual. Much depends on skin type. For example, blondes and redheads have a skin lighter. Through this the skin can show through even large vessels. These people changed to a pale blush very quickly and not only when drinking.

As for swarthy people, they have a similar process takes place not so noticeable. Often they dilate the small capillaries located near the surface of the skin.why the red face after alcohol

Factors that cause alcohol facial flushing

Why, when drinking alcohol, red face? There are several factors that affect skin color. When alcohol appears not just blush. Often the skin becomes a rich crimson hue. At the moment scientists have identified several factors contributing to this phenomenon:


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  1. An Allergic reaction to alcohol.
  2. Classic reaction vessels for alcohol, trapped in the body.
  3. The Consequences of chronic alcoholism.
  4. Congenital alcohol intolerance, but rather intolerance to ethanol.

Classical response of blood vessels

Why red face from alcohol almost all? In the use of alcoholic beverages in the human body, ingested ethanol. This substance increases blood circulation. When this occurs, the expansion of blood vessels. Moreover, ethanol increases the pressure of blood flow. Capillaries underneath the skin become larger. In the result of a strong blood supply to the skin becomes tinged with red.

As shown by numerous studies, the dose of alcohol for the manifestation of this effect for each person individually. why when I drink alcohol red face

It is Dangerous

Most Often, blush, resulting from the use of alcoholic beverages, takes place independently and does not cause the person any trouble. However, in some cases, the redness can be very strong and cause discomfort. Powerful enough reaction vessels may indicate a weak function of enzymes, due to which ethanol is eliminated from the body.

For Those who have a severe redness after drinking alcohol, should be used with caution in these drinks. After all, slow or weakened by the action of enzymes with a large dose of ethanol can cause severe intoxication. In the future, it causes the development of more serious complications (cancer of the liver and gastrointestinal tract). Now you know why when alcohol red face. However, it is not necessary to forget and about other factors that cause a similar reaction.

Congenital intolerance to ethanol

Why red face from alcohol even at the lowest dose of ethanol? For some people characteristic such a rare feature as an innate intolerance of all alcoholic beverages. It should be noted that this characteristic is often found among representatives of a particular nation. The other genetic factor such a plan occurs very rarely.

In such situations, the use of alcohol in humans, the main component of the drink begins to act much faster. Even if had drunk a small glass. Subcutaneous small vessels located in the shoulders, neck and face, very quickly expand and fill with blood. The person may experience a fever. Often, the face and other parts of the body covered with spots either become completely red.why with alcohol red face

Dangerous alcohol intolerance

Why red face from alcohol spots? Experts found for this phenomenon an explanation. According to them, is a congenital anomaly. The human body has very few enzymes that can bring alcohol from the body. In some cases, these substances is very little in the liver. Therefore, the reaction may occur almost immediately after drinking even small doses of alcohol. Intolerance experts recommend to avoid drinking such drinks, as it is very dangerous to humans.

Alcohol with this genetic variance canto cause development of a large number of pathologies among which cancer of the stomach, liver, organs of the digestive system.why red face from alcohol spots

Allergic to alcohol

Why red face from alcohol and appear uncomfortable? In some cases, a person develops an Allergy to alcohol. About this being the numerous disputes. After all, alcohol is – the "kinship" of liquid for the human body. However, many of them have such allergies. In addition, the disease is rapidly spreading. It should be noted that an allergic reaction can occur shortly after drinking alcohol. There is no dependence on dosage. In other words, the reaction may occur even with moderate alcohol consumption.

Basic Allergy symptoms

The main signs of alcohol Allergy include:

  1. The Formation of red spots on the face and neck. In some people these spots may cover the whole body.
  2. Excluded General redness and itching of skin.
  3. Swelling of the facial tissue, or swelling of the face.
  4. Headache that occurs as a result of a rush of blood and expansion of all blood vessels.
  5. Changes in blood pressure.
  6. Rapid intoxication from even small servings of alcohol.why after drinking alcohol red face

What to do for allergies

Why red face after alcohol, clear. It remains to understand how to act if you are allergic to alcohol. First and foremost, one should abandon the use of spirits. When Troubleshooting allergen health the victim will begin to rapidly improve. However, it should be borne in mind that the ethanol very quickly enters the bloodstream. So experts recommend to induce vomiting. This will clean the stomach.

Do Not forget that an allergic reaction can occur not because of ethanol but because of additional ingredients included in the drink: aromatic, dye and so on. Have repeatedly noted the occurrence of such phenomena resulting from the consumption of cocktails, wines, liqueurs, bitters. To resolve Allergy symptoms, apply the medicines is not recommended. They cannot be taken together with alcohol. The best option is to exclude all alcoholic beverages.

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