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If a traditional Russian salad and vinaigrettes you fed up, you want something sort of, try to make a salad, which will be discussed below. The main charm of him in this ingredient like mushrooms. Plus you can always choose a preparation that fits your mood, presence of food in the fridge and the amount of free time to spare.

 mushroom glade recipe

A Few words about the dish

This Salad is not the usual name – “healthy.”. The recipe for it in the people there is not one, and includes many variations. Importantly, the exterior of the meals involved tselenkim mushrooms. The salad is formed by the layers. Their number and composition can be arbitrary. In addition to the main ingredient used different varieties of meat and cheese. As the filling is used mayonnaise or sauce on it.

‘healthy." simple

mushroom glade, step-by-step recipeSo, the easiest option of salad "healthy.”. Recipe it is. Boil 450 grams of meat taking this beef fillet. If using pork, the fat cut off. Cook it in salted, spiced water. Broth then cook the first dish and the meat cool down and slice across the grain into cubes. Unable to prisolit, pepper or sprinkle with prepared seasoning. Take 150 g of hard cheese – grate it on a coarse grater. And the third ingredient – mushrooms, because the dish we are  suitable – “healthy.”. The recipe for this dish suggests to use the jar (300 g) marinated mushrooms: they taste more spicy than boiled or fried. Express, if large, pieces 8-9 for decoration, the rest chop. Take the bunch of greens (feathers onions, dill, parsley), finely chop. Now do this: mix all components, season with mayonnaise. Lay salad on a flat plate, line it with a spoon, making a slide or a circular area. Thus is formed the mushroom glade. The recipe instructs the top liberally sprinkled with greenery. Stick a few feathers of onions, sprigs of parsley. And put the mushrooms, cutting off them legs. All original and delicious dish is ready in all its glory!


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“the glade” with layers

meadow mushroom salad recipe photoAnd here is a more complex "healthy.”. Step-by-step recipe for it, too, starts with a list of components. First, you will need a jar of pickled mushrooms, mushrooms or other fungi, just as much as with large caps. Leaving a little for decoration, slice the rest is quite large. Second, you need a ham - 350 g. Instead, it will fit and chicken. To make a tastier, first it a little whisk, and then marinate in vinegar and spices and fry. Cool, cut into slices. Third, take 3 potatoes and the same number of eggs – boil, cool, peel, cut into cubes. If you want, add more components, such as prunes (pitted, to smooth pour over boiling water, chopped) – a handful of carrots (2 pieces boil, cut into cubes). And a bunch of feathers onions and other greens.

Is this salad called "healthy." (recipe, photos, see the article) as follows: each other are layers of potatoes, mushrooms, onions, meat, prunes, carrots, and eggs. After each ingredient relies a layer of mayonnaise. Potatoes, eggs slightly add salt, pepper or spicy seasonings. The top of the salad grease with mayonnaise, sprinkle with herbs and garnish with the mushroom caps.

Wonderful culinary walk through the woods, right?

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