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Dmitrov – a small town in the Moscow region. Within it there are many interesting places, including restaurants and cafes. And every one of them – is in its own very nice restaurant, with a cozy atmosphere, stylish and original interior, good food. Restaurants and cafes Dmitrov the information in this article.

About the town

The Russian town of Dmitrov is known for its history. Located North of the capital – 65 kilometers from the center of Moscow. Founded by Russian Prince – Yuri Dolgoruky in the XII century. Named in honor of his son – Dmitry.

The Population today is 67,5 thousand people and a land area of only 26 square kilometers.

Dmitrov restaurant

Dmitrov is unusually beautiful, cultural and spiritual. The Park is home to five historic churches, a poorhouse, a railway station, commercial house, Palace of culture, libraries, restaurants and cafes – for every taste!

Overview the best restaurants and cafes Dmitrov

In All such institutions there are in the city of about 60. Each of them is or in the center of Dmitrov, or at some distance from him.

The Best of them received the highest rating from visitors on the following criteria: atmosphere, cuisine, service, value, location.

In the list represented most of the restaurants in Dmitrov with addresses and a brief description:

  • Pronto. A family-run restaurant. The best place offers delicious menu: traditional Russian dishes as well as Italian and Japanese. Located on the street Professional, 6/1.
  • «Coffee break”. Café will surprise a pleasant atmosphere, good service and delicious coffee and European cuisine. Address of the institution: Kropotkinskaya street, 59A – the center of the city.

Dmitrov cafes and restaurants

  • “by the fireside". Romantic restaurant will give a pleasant, warm, homely atmosphere in the walls, made of wood, the wood burning fireplace! And also offer a great menu: dumplings, pizza, soup. The restaurant is located outside the city.
  • “Retro Avenue”. A Cosy restaurant in a retro style, perfect for business meetings. Visitors are invited to a business lunch, delicious coffee and desserts. In the evening features musical shows. Located in the center of Dmitrov – on the street, Professional-4.
  • “Shokoladnitsa”. The facility is located on the street Kropotkin, 73. It's a cozy place in the heart of the city. Coffee-shop, where there are delicious business Lunches (European cuisine) and excellent desserts.
  • “the Resurs-m». Cozy tearoom in the French style. Offers excellent pastries and cakes, delicious hot drinks, homemade food. There is a possibility to order a delivery in the city. There is a cafe in the heart of Dmitrov – on the street Professional, 7.

Dmitrov cafes and restaurants


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  • ‘Fusion". Family cafe on the street Soviet, 3. The menu of Oriental dishes. Romantic atmosphere in the evening accompanied by jazz music will delight every visitor.
  • «Dmitrov” is a restaurant located on the street Semeniuk. Serves European and Italian cuisine, and a children's menu and business Lunches.

Restaurant «Dmitrov”

The Perfect place for your celebrations – anniversary, wedding, corporate parties, theme parties, and home for a cozy lunch or dinner, meeting friends.

Original, airy interior, good service, delicious cuisine, professional team – all this will bring a little joy and happiness into the routine of the day. A big plus of the place is that there is plenty of opportunity to spend time with children of all ages, and enjoy a delicious and hearty dishes offered by the menu.

restaurants in Dmitrov

Patties with cheese, herbs, garlic and tomatoes - a signature snack of the institution, appreciated by many visitors.

As the first dishes of the restaurant «Dmitrov” offers: cream soup with mushrooms, vegetable soup, fish soup with salmon, a noodle soup chicken, pea soup, cabbage soup and more.

Salads: cabbage-crab, salad, “Olivier’ ham, "Coat" of the herring.

Meat dishes: duck breast with sauce, chicken meat, beef goulash, chicken in sauce, meatballs in sauce, chicken in sauce "Pesto" and more.

Garnish: macaroni, rice and buckwheat porridge, mashed potatoes.

Drinks: lemonade, juice, compotes.

For business travelers there is a business lunch.


The restaurant «Dmitrov” there is a great children's menu.

restaurants in Dmitrov address

Hot items:

  • “Exciting spider" (cutlet of meat with potato croquette);
  • Dumplings with sour cream;
  • “chicken” (fried toast bread scrambled eggs “Egg”);
  • “Makaroshki for Antoshka” cheese;
  • “the Merry catch" (cutlet of salmon with boiled rice);
  • Especially for little hunter "Chicken julienne”.

Desserts: ‘Funny face" (pancakes with sour cream), “Sanocka" (oatmeal with fruit), sweet pancakes.

Soups: “mom” (soup with meatballs), chicken alphabet soup, milk soup with vermicelli.

Salads: “Gulliver’(“Olivier’ boiled ham), “soup” (vegetable salad), fruit salad (apples, pears, kiwi, orange, banana, grapes, whipped cream).

The interior stands out a children's corner with toys, high chairs (including high chair!) and tables, colored boxes, which are placed in toys and games.

This gaming area, in a fabulous setting your little one can eat and some time to play.

Customer Information

For those who love music parties every Friday and Saturday – performance.

Address: Dmitrov, Semenyuk street, 11.

Hours from 12:00 to midnight, Tuesday through Sunday.

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