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One of the most famous dishes of Caucasian cuisine is Ossetian pie. It is baked and on weekdays and holidays, for a funeral and a wedding. Ossetian pies recipe passed down from generation to generation. This traditional pot pie with a filling that is baked for centuries, it is a large cake with a hole in the middle, which is to ensure that the cake is cooked. In special cases pies are made triangular in shape — cult.

The Ossetian pies Recipe contains juicy and plentiful filling, which should not fall out out. The filling can be all kinds — zucchini, garlic, pumpkin, cabbage, but particularly popular with the filling of grated national cheese brine of potatoes, or beet tops. Sometimes, instead of cheese used cheese. The filling of cheese and herbs are also very popular. Despite the fact that one recipe, every woman still makes the cake something different.

The Ossetian pies Recipe is incredibly delicious — the secret lies in the skillful rolling of the dough. The best are the pies not fleshy, and with thin walls. This is what stops some inexperienced Housewives from cooking this wonderful dish. To prepare the dough will need the following ingredients:

The yogurt and the water is hot — one Cup flour-4 cups, softened butter-30 grams, sugar-1 tablespoon salt-1 teaspoon yeast, fast — 1 piece. This recipe Ossetian pies designed for five servings.


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Yogurt and water is poured into the Cup, add butter, salt, sugar, half of flour, yeast, knead the dough and put for 30 minutes in a warm place to rise. While the dough to rise, prepare the stuffing. Takes 200 grams of cheese or Adyghe, Ossetian and rubbed on a grater. If no cheese, then you need to take the same amount of curd and mix with melted butter, which you need 100 grams. The cheese adds a large number of finely chopped greens: 350 grams of spinach or sorrel and 50 grams of onions, dill and cilantro. Remains mix well and the stuffing is ready!

Meanwhile, the Dough rises. It obmanut and add the remaining flour and well kneaded. The consistency of the dough should not be steep, softer than Russian pies with potatoes recipe which is different and more composition. Ideally, the dough should be quite plastic and a bit sticky.

The dough is divided into five parts, formed into balls and coated with vegetable oil. Each part is rolled out into a pancake and in the center put the stuffing, too, in the form of a ball. The edges of the folded tortillas and connect in the center, leaving a small hole for steam output. Now the cakes need to flatten and shape the flatbreads.

Place Pies on a baking sheet, greased with vegetable oil and put in oven preheated to 220 degrees for 10-15 minutes. Long to bake Ossetian pies, as they should remain soft. On top of still hot cakes smeared with butter and served, although cold pies are also delicious.

Pies are very different. So widely known and Tatar pies recipes which are also easy to find on the Internet on cooking web sites. The main difference between Tatar balisa (or balise in a different pronunciation) is simply stunning richness, which is achieved is quite simple and original way. Another difference between traditional Tatar pies is that they are very large and can weigh more than three pounds, although the conditions of modern urban cuisine in the dimensions may look a bit strange, and difficult to achieve.

Stunning richness of Tatar pie is achieved just before the cake put in the oven, it makes a hole and closed with a ball of dough. And in the process of making the resulting hole polivaetsya a little broth, and the hole again is closed and the ball of dough.

A Little secret: the pork and some mince pies in Tatar not used ever, meat — just minced beef. In Tatar families Balis bake with blueberries, cabbage, fish, even the famous pumpkin bales with rice.

In short, the pies in the kitchen of the peoples of the world there is a huge variety and all of them — not just “big Mac”, but very real and delicious pies.

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