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Tomato Salad in Korean – a dish of hot and spicy taste. It is perfect for daily menu and festive table. About the secrets of cooking at home will be discussed in this article.

tomatoes Korean

Korean cuisine

Korean food is known for its unusual and diverse approach to the creation of various dishes. The food in this country is generally quite spicy, as cooking uses many spices. Particular preference is given to red pepper, which helps to preserve the product in a humid and warm climate. Due to the constant use of this vegetable Korean cuisine is becoming an unusual red-orange shades. Also in the country's cuisine is widely used soy sauce and garlic. The Korean culinary tradition is famous for its exceptionally delicious spicy vegetable snacks. Especially good tomatoes. In Korean they are prepared in different variants: green, yellow, pink, ripe red. This salad makes a wonderful alternative to everyday dishes.

tomato salad Korean

Salad of red tomatoes. Ingredients

Tomatoes in Korean have a characteristic spicy, sweet and at the same time, sour taste. They can be prepared in advance, placed for storage in refrigerator and at the appropriate moment to offer. Sesame oil and salt is better to buy at the Asian market or in the specialty section of the supermarket. To prepare the spicy tomato salad in Korean, you should stock the following products:

  • Garlic - 8-12 cloves;
  • Red ripe tomatoes - 2 kg;
  • Red pepper - 1-2 pieces;
  • Sweet pepper - 4 PCs;
  • Sugar - 4 tablespoons of table;
  • Salt - 2 table spoons;
  • Sesame oil - 4 tablespoons of table;
  • Horseradish root - 1 spoon;
  • Fresh herbs (parsley, dill) - to taste;
  • Vinegar (six or deleteproperty) - 1 table spoon.

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Salad of red tomatoes. Cooking method

Just Enough to cook the tomatoes in Korean. Photos will make the process of creating meals easier. A distinctive feature of this recipe is that the ingredients do not undergo any heat treatment. This conserves a lot of time, besides, all the nutrients and vitamins in products are saved.

  1. First of all, you need to fill. For this spicy and sweet peppers, garlic should grind in a meat grinder or chop in a blender. Then into the vegetable mixture add salt, oil, sugar, chopped herbs and vinegar. All the ingredients must be thoroughly mixed.
  2. Next, thoroughly wash the tomatoes and chop them into slices. If the tomatoes are small, then they can just cut in half or quarters.
  3. Now in a container of suitable size must be put on the bottom ground horseradish. It is necessary to place a layer of tomatoes and pour the ingredients of the vegetable filling.
  4. Then the jar should be sealed tightly with a lid and place in the refrigerator. Periodically, the capacity should be turned upside down. Prepare salad 8-12 hours.

The Tomato in Korean is ready! They can be served as a separate dish with bread, sausage and other products.

green tomato salads in Korean

Salad of green tomatoes. Ingredients

You Can pickle and unripe, green tomatoes. Salads in Korean of these vegetables are of high taste and perfectly combined with any meal on the table. In order to prepare this appetizer, you need to purchase the following ingredients.

For salad:

  • Onions - 3-5 pieces;
  • Green tomato (preferably small) - 2 kg;
  • Pepper - 2 pieces (green and red);
  • Sweet pepper - 4-5 pieces;
  • Garlic - 12-16 cloves.

For marinade:

  • Sugar - 2-4 tablespoons table;
  • Vegetable oil - 30 ml;
  • Water - 800 ml;
  • Salt - 2-4 tablespoons table;
  • Greenery - to taste.

Salad of green tomatoes. Cooking method

  1. First you need to prepare a two-liter capacity. Best suited glass jar.
  2. Then at the bottom of the tank should be laid chopped parsley.
  3. After that you need to put washed vegetables: peppers, sliced and quartered; onion, cut into rings; pepper and garlic whole green tomatoes, pierced in several places with toothpicks.
  4. Next, you should prepare a spicy marinade. For this it is necessary to boil the water and add the vinegar, sugar, salt and butter. Once sugar and salt has dissolved completely, pour the hot marinade vegetables in the pot.
  5. After that, glass container should be sterilized for ten minutes, roll up cover and flip. Now the jar can be covered with a warm blanket and leave it to cool down.

Green tomatoes Korean ready! The taste of this salad turns out special, spicy and rich.

Learning how to marinate the tomatoes in Korean, every woman will be able to offer guests and friends a delicious and flavorful snack. Light and tangy salad perfect for parties in Asian style. They will also be very appropriate at any time of the year for the everyday table. Bon appetit!

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