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Olive oil is one of the important elements of a healthy diet, brings enormous benefits to the human body. So, it helps to reduce cholesterol in the blood preventing heart attacks, has a positive effect on musculoskeletal, skin, hair and so on. And since not everyone knows how to choose olive oil correctly, let us consider in detail the question.

It is recommended to examine the container and the label. The bottling and manufacturing of the product this should be carried out in one country, it will indicate its high quality. You need to remember that over time, olive oil may lose its high qualities, so you need to buy the product that was released recently.

Containers should be shaded, and hermetically sealed, because sunlight accelerates the process of oxidation, which in turn spoils the color and flavor of the product.

Before you choose olive oil, it is recommended to study the percentage of its acidity. Ideally, the product should have low indices (0.8 percent), and when these figures are reduced to 0.5 percent, the oil is considered curative.

Color does not affect the taste and quality of the product, and depends on the variety and ripeness of olives. Often use a blend of oils extracted from olives at different levels of maturity.

To know how to choose olive oil, you need to see his grade. So, fine oils are a luxury and are made from raw materials grown in one certain area. One-grade oils are produced from raw materials of one sort, while the blended – from different varieties, to produce a specific flavor and aroma.


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Today, there are refined oils produced from the collection of various plant oils, including olive, unrefined (opaque), which is the result of a small filter. Each of these types has its own unique qualities and properties. In order to find the best olive oil, and you need to experiment, opt for the brand and the manufacturer, which suit the most.

When choosing a product, it is recommended to pay attention to its taste and purpose. So, for the preparation of cold dishes, salads and marinades it is recommended to take crude oil is only cold pressed, which has the highest quality. It contains about eighty per cent nutrients, has a strong smell and a dark green color.

Before you choose olive oil for frying and other dishes, you should pay attention to his marking. This product needs to be refined, second spin, and with a neutral taste and long shelf life.

In the case of cooking, a mixture of crude and refined oils.

To date, more than ninety percent of olive oil production occurs in countries of the Mediterranean (Spain, Tunisia, Italy, Greece). Greece produces a high quality product, eighty percent of which is oil from the first pressing. Spanish oil is the use of three or more varieties of olives to achieve a balanced flavor and taste.

Thus, knowing how to choose the right olive oil, you can prepare dishes that are different not only in good taste and useful properties. And to check the quality of purchased product, enough to put it in a cold place. If it thickens, and forms white flakes, so the quality is high. However, you should always remember that to leave olive oil for a long time in the cold should not be, because it loses its properties and taste qualities.

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