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Today rarely prepare the cheeses by hand. For this purpose, modern equipment, strictly adhering to recipes and production technology. Cheese will always be considered a special product in the diet of people of any age. Today we will talk about one of the most popular and common around the world German products, called almette. This cheese in all its parameters are similar to cottage cheese, it is made of high quality cow's milk. The cheese makers argue that the creation of one kilogram of this product spent seven liters of milk. Let's get acquainted closer with German cheese.

almette cheese

Structure almette

For the preparation of the product milk be sure to adjust the level of fat. This event is very important and contributes to the achievement of high quality cheese. It includes pasteurized milk and natural yogurt. So, the milk is whipped to good consistency of the curd, it is subjected to heat treatment to increase shelf life. Least mass put yogurt and some supplements to improve the taste. Of course, almette cheese, home cooked, will not contain any "chemistry". So the taste may be slightly different from the factory product.

Today on the shelves of stores you can find German cheese with the taste of greens, cucumbers, garlic and so on.

What to submit?

This cheese is served as part of all kinds of snacks. From it prepare a variety of sauces or soups. Very often, this product serves as weight for sandwiches, which is spread the bread and on top put meat, fish or greens. Such mass can make your own. This fat cottage cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt triturated, add salt and spices, herbs and garlic, mix and smear the bread. However, consider a few recipes of how to cook cream cheese almette.


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Simple recipe of cheese almette

cream cheese almette

Ingredients: three liters of cow's milk, one spoon of acetic acid, two tablespoons of salt.


Milk is poured in a bowl, add salt, heat to boiling over medium heat, add the vinegar (the mixture should curdle) and cook for two minutes. Then gauze veiled a colander and pour into it the milk weight. Hung for two hours, during this time, the fluid should drain out. Then it is drained, and the resulting mixture is put under pressure in a cold place for eight hours. Do almette cheese, with the consistency similar to cottage cheese.

Almette with vegetables

cheese almette at home

Ingredients: two hundred and fifty grams of fat, soft cheese, one hundred grams of butter, one stalk of celery, half a cucumber, five sprigs of dill, salt to taste.


Cheese pasta put in a blender, add the soft butter, sliced cucumber and celery, chopped dill and salt, and whisk well. Thus, home almette (cheese) ready! It can be spread on bread or used for cooking many dishes such as lasagna.

It Should be noted that the celery can be replaced with a sheet of Chinese cabbage, and the cucumber – mild ketchup. In General, choose vegetables according to your taste and discretion.

Almette at home

Ingredients: one liter of yogurt, fifty grams of dill, five cloves of garlic, half spoon of dry pepper, salt to taste.


Yogurt pre-freeze in the freezer. The colander is made with two layers of gauze, put it in yogurt and put over the dishes to excess liquid glass. After the ground thawed in colander will be delicate curd mixture and in the bowl is whey. Shift this mixture into a bowl, add the spices, crushed garlic and chopped parsley. Mix and leave for two hours in a cool place to steep. After this time, almette (cheese) is ready.

Paprika, fennel and garlic are often replaced with chopped cucumbers or ham. This mass is well spread butter on bread and eat it as a sandwich.

almette cheese composition

Appetizer with mushrooms and spices: almette (cheese)

Structure: fat cottage cheese, cottage cheese, natural yoghurt or sour cream, and pickled mushrooms or cucumbers, greens, garlic, paprika, cumin, salt.


The Same volume of curd and cheese mix, bring to a homogeneous consistence, rubbing it through a sieve several times. Add to taste yogurt or sour cream. Cucumbers or mushrooms, greens, garlic finely chopped, add the spices, salt and put in all the cheese mass, mix thoroughly. This mixture is left in a cold place for one hour. Ready cheese serve with chips or tarts. And from this mass to form balls, roll them in the chopped dill or parsley and serve as appetizers.

Thus, there is nothing difficult to cook cheese almette yourself. For this you will need only fresh and natural products that are available nowadays virtually every cook.

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