Tincture partitions walnut (on the moonshine): cooking at home, use


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Today is a very popular tincture partitions walnut. On the moonshine it can be easily done at home. For this you will need a liter of clean quality product and a glass of walnut walls. You can prepare this healing drink of alcohol, vodka and brandy. But using home brew can significantly reduce costs.

Useful properties

This plant is famous for its healing properties. Thanks to them, in folk medicine, the walnut is widely used, and in the course are almost all parts of the plant - from roots to foliage. And ear are no exception.

tincture partitions walnut in the moonshine

It is Known that in a nut shell, walnut oil contains many components, but the walls are almost there. The membrane is generally much more useful due to the high iodine content. With this component, and is valued tincture partitions walnut. On the brew it is quite strong, so it is important not to overdo it. Especially in large quantities is dangerous not only alcohol, but also iodine.

How dangerous iodine deficiency?

With such a problem faced by many. And in some regions, iodine deficiency among the population is almost universal. Tincture partitions walnut in the moonshine, the benefits and harms is determined by the dose, can be used to fill the shortage of this trace element in the body.

You will need to take 20-25 ml per day. Symptoms of iodine deficiency is chronic fatigue, trouble sleeping, hand tremors, headaches, lethargy. The lack of this component reduces both mental and physical activity. But if that does not solve the problem of recovering the valuable substances, there may be more serious consequences.


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How is the tincture on the partitions used in folk medicine

Back in the old days healers recommend a little to drink this drink to those who have problems with immunity. If you had been nipped by the frost, much to overdo it, or you can't get rid of the sluggish symptoms of colds, improve your health will help tincture partitions walnut in the moonshine.

moonshine tincture partitions walnut recipe

The Use of pure this medication like not all, the drink is still quite strong. If you do not drink alcohol with degree 40+, just add a little tincture in hot tea. A little to drown out the bitter taste you can use honey, lemon, mint and ginger.

This Effective tool has always been considered and part of a treatment for such ailments:

  • Colitis;
  • Headache;
  • Weight;
  • Adenoma of the prostate;
  • Inflammation;
  • Myopathy and fibroids;
  • Hypertension.

Word official medicine

It is considered that qualified doctors categorically do not recognize people's money. But actually this is not so. Today the official medicine tries to use the rich potential of medicinal raw materials of plant origin. Walnut is not an exception.

tincture partitions walnut in the brew application

Of Course, in the pharmacy you will not find such a cure as tincture partitions walnut in the brew, but there are a number of effective drugs, which include nuts and rubbing alcohol of the highest purification.

Designate such funds to strengthen the immune system, prevent cancer, treatment of colitis and inflammation, as well as General support of the body. As you can see, the effect is almost the same. But due to the fact that the composition of commercially manufactured medicines are not only walls, but other parts of the nut, the spectrum of action they are somewhat broader than in domestic beverages.


Tincture of moonshine on the walls of walnut, the recipe of which you will find in this article applies to beverages of minimal complexity of preparation. You will need to just pour a glass of membranes a liter of vodka and leave to infuse in a warm dark place. Usually alcohol drugs kept for 40 days. During this time you will ripen very beautiful tincture partitions walnut.

tincture partitions walnut in the brew the benefits and harms

On the brew many compositions turn out a little tart and bitter. To smooth out the flavor for a week until ready to bottle, you can add ground beans brewed coffee, piece of ginger size of thumb, grated orange zest, a pinch of cinnamon or any other product with active taste. Before capping the bottle the tincture, strain through several layers of filter paper. If you feel that she is not clear, repeat the straining a couple of times.

This drink is used not only as a medicine, but just served to the table during the feast. It is particularly suited to meat hot dishes. Taste the infusion similar to aged cognac, so goes well with various kinds of cheese.

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