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Bar-restaurant “Loft” (Volgograd) – a place that doesn't have time to get bored. Within its walls I want to be permanently, because a pleasant atmosphere, delicious food and the friendliness of the staff will please even the most demanding visitor. And if you still have doubts about the work of this institution, you should read our article.

Location and operation mode

To Find a really “your” the school leaves not at all. Among their vast number it is difficult to choose one. Well, there are proven areas in which many people will want to come back. Heart conquers its visitors with a bar-restaurant “Loft” (Ufa), whose address is: street Gagarina, 1/3. To find this place is easy as it is in the shopping center “Olympus” on the fourth floor. “Loft” is very popular among the different population groups.

bar restaurant loft Ufa

For its tables, you can see couples, groups of friends, strong family. Opportunities for recreation and quality of services attract and are forced to cross the threshold of the institution. Bar-restaurant “Loft” (Ufa) Seven days a week. You can visit it from Friday to Sunday from noon to 4 am, and other days – up to 2. So this pastime is not quickly ended, it is worth to book a table in advance.


Every institution tries to stand out from the rest. “Chips” allow to remain in memory of visitors and become a reason to go back again. Bar-restaurant “Loft” (Ufa) welcomes as returning guests and new faces. Caring, attentive attitude of the staff will make your gatherings warm and cozy. In the place the visitors can be accommodated in the large main room, which is divided into several independent zones. The total capacity of the bar-restaurant “Loft” of 150 people. For those who came to his car, there is free secure Parking. In this place are doing everything, so the time each was at the highest level.


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loft bar Ufa restaurant photo

A Meal in the restaurant complemented by live music from guest musicians and performers. Professional sound and lighting equipment will make a simple speech, a show that will definitely remain in memory. The bar-restaurant “Loft” often there are concerts, thematic evenings and other interesting events. For total relaxation offers hookahs of various flavours. Also, visitors can use the services on organization of festivals and big events. This will greatly simplify the task, all the worries to pass on to the masters. For clients remains the case for small - to discuss the Seating arrangements of guests and the dishes they served.


How The decorated halls of the institution, it displays the idea and the concept. Each element must be in harmony with others and to create a cozy, pleasant atmosphere. “Loft” (Ufa) - bar-restaurant, a photo that is really impressive. The name of this place speaks about the style in which its interior is executed. This trend is gaining more momentum and is becoming one of the most popular for such establishments.

loft Ufa bar restaurant menu

Bare brick walls, cables on the ceiling, concise iron shelves and handrail – all this ignorant can show the unfinished repairs, and others will see a beautifully embodied industrial motifs. Such details are well combined with elements of home comfort. Soft cushions on the sofas, paintings, decorative items perfectly fit into the overall situation. This design decision makes bar-restaurant “Loft” stylish and unusual place.

Menu and prices

The Heart of every institution – is its cuisine. Visitors cross the threshold of these places are just to beautiful to sit in halls and listen to live music and to taste the first delicious food. “Loft” (Ufa) - bar-restaurant, whose menu is filled with dishes of European cuisine. At the head of all culinary processes of this institution is Sergey Ryabov, who, thanks to their skills and experience to implement even the craziest ideas. Grilled dishes, soups, hot and cold mezzeh to tender meat, poultry, or fish – all this will give a vivid gastronomic experience and is available at very reasonable prices. From noon to 4 p.m. guests can enjoy an economical Lunches for 250 rubles. The average check – 1000-1500 rubles.


Regular visitors felt all the positive aspects of the institution and its failures. Bar-restaurant “Loft” (Ufa) knows how to attract visitors. Many say that in this place we pay attention to the interests of each visitor. For example, they offered a vegetarian menu and children's menu, the ability to pick up food, the list of dishes translated into English.

bar restaurant loft Ufa address

Nice to know that every visitor to this restaurant will feel comfortable. However, ideal institutions do not exist. Visitors noted that it is not always the waiters are unable to efficiently cope with large flow of people. NAbout is that a reason not to open such a cozy and nice restaurant?

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