The beneficial properties of broccoli. How to prepare this vegetable culture?


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Broccoli, being one of the oldest vegetable crops, today gaining popularity, because in its composition contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and a small amount of calories. However, many consumers often the question arises about what constitutes broccoli how to prepare it and what dishes it is used.


Broccoli is a kind of cabbage. It should be noted that doctors was allocated the unique properties of this crop, can reduce the risk of cancer with proper cooking. This vegetable contains myrosin, which according to numerous studies, can stop the growth of cancer cells. Therefore, it is recommended to eat broccoli raw or cooked in the steamer in a short period of time, as the long-term influence of high temperatures destroys the beneficial enzyme. Thus, cooking broccoli should not take much time.


In addition to merosina cabbage contains sulforaphane, which has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. Besides the fact that this enzyme contributes to the destruction of cancer cells, he still he does from stomach ulcers. Moreover, broccoli is able to destroy a number of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. And merosin, and sulforaphane contained in large quantities in young shoots of plants.


To date, there is no specific correct way of cooking broccoli. How to cook this cabbage, it will tell you some tips and tricks. The main rule here is that the broccoli is never overcooked, since she loses a large part of nutrients. In addition, it is better to use a young plant, but in winter it can replace the frozen product. While fresh cabbage stored in the refrigerator for weeks. Before cooking broccoli it is washed with water, but leave in the water the vegetable is not recommended, as it loses its properties.


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But how delicious to cook broccoli to preserve all its nutrients? The taste of broccoli is similar to the taste of cauliflower, so it can replace the latter in recipes. So, it can be boiled, fried, added to soups or stews, serve raw or baked, everything depends on the personal preferences of the cook. Seem very tasty broccoli dish if it is served with tuna, salmon or chicken. To do this, cut the cabbage pieces and fry in oil, adding garlic. Boiled broccoli are used as garnishing for meat, and also as a filling for baked potatoes or cooked from her soup.


However, Cabbage When cooked, loses part of useful minerals, so it is recommended to cook for a couple. Consider in more detail how to choose broccoli, how to cook it for a couple. To do this, select the elastic young plants with bright blossoms, rinse them in water and divide. In a steamer pour in the water, lower the basket of vegetable over boiling water, cover and cook for a few minutes. Ready cabbage can be served as a separate dish, adding butter, or to create various culinary masterpieces.


We examined, what is broccoli, how to cook it and what useful properties it has. It remains to note that regular consumption has a positive effect on the human body. So, this vegetable crop is able to stop the growth of cancer cells, especially those that affect the gastrointestinal tract, prevents the development of sclerosis, reduces the risk of developing diseases of the national Assembly, the heart and blood vessels. Importantly, broccoli was properly cooked, then it will retain all the nutrients and will be a good preventive measure against many diseases.

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