Pasta shugaring at home: how to prepare and apply?


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Paste shugaring in house conditions is done very easily and quickly. Because this sugar syrup for epilating involves only simple and affordable components that you can always find in your own kitchen.

Paste shugaring: the recipepasta shugaring in house conditions

The ingredients:

  • Plain drinking water – 80 ml;
  • Sand sugar-10 large spoons;
  • Lemon juice – 20 ml (squeezed from half ripe fruit);
  • Fresh honey – 1,5 big spoon (can be used instead of drinking water).

The Process of making syrup

Recipe for sugar paste shugaring provides for the mandatory use of an enamel or metal bowls. It is necessary to put all the above ingredients and then mixing thoroughly with a spoon, bring to boil on a slow fire and boil for 3 minutes. Then the dishes need to remove from heat and cool. Before you can use the cooked pasta on purpose, you should check her readiness. For this it is necessary to drip the mixture on your palm and then try to roll it round. If all goes well, then the mass is ready for further hair removal.

How to make the sugaring yourself:

pasta shugaring recipeAfter the paste shugaring in house conditions is done, you can proceed to direct a sanitary procedure. However, you must carefully prepare the skin. To do this, it must be degreased and dry. For example, can be applied to the area of skin where you plan to epilate, talc. This way you can greatly amplify the effect of shugaring and will look simply stunning.


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The Paste shugaring in house conditions should be used to remove hairs no more than 6 millimeters. Thus, you need to take a little podostyvshimi mixture in hands (1 full dessert spoon), and then start carefully kneading with your fingers. This should be done for a long time (8-12 minutes). At first, mashing the solid sugar mass will be very difficult, but over time it will become much softer. The willingness of the ball can be identified by color: if in the beginning it dark brown, then after kneading it becomes light Golden.

recipe for sugar paste shugaring

After the paste shugaring in house conditions will become soft and supple, it requires your fingers to distribute on the skin (against the hair growth), and then a sharp movement to tear off (for hair growth). Of course, this pain, but the more intense the procedure will be performed, the more noticeable will be the effect.

Hair removal using a weight you can do absolutely any part of the body, even on the most sensitive. For bikini area you will need 2-3 balls, and legs – 4-5. The remaining mixture can be stored in a regular plastic container for food products in the refrigerator. However, before the next use paste recommended slightly warmed in a water bath (to the level of boiling water in a saucepan coincided with the amount of paste in the container).

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