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There are a lot of recipes of salads and cold appetizers. Almost each family in the Arsenal there are several "its" ways of cooking a particular dish. And salad "Tosca" (with the accent on any syllable, according to taste) is a lifesaver for many women, and men too, especially idle.salad Tosca

A Little history

Originally, the salad "Melancholy" was exclusively with the accent on the first syllable. As in the eponymous Opera by Giacomo Puccini. And many sincerely believe that the recipe came from Italy. In fact, no one knows who first came up with this salad, as well as its name.

Chicken variant

One of the favorite ingredients from Housewives is poultry, particularly chicken. And for good reason! First, it is easy to prepare. Second, the food is quite hearty and satisfying. So salad "Melancholy" with chicken is one of the most popular options. It requires not too many ingredients. Namely:

  • Smoked breast of chicken with herbs;
  • Cornichons (5-7 things);
  • Herbs finely chopped (parsley, dill, Basil);
  • Chinese cabbage or lettuce;
  • Cherry tomatoes (8-10 stuff);
  • Pickled onions (2 medium onions);
  • Cheese varieties (better, "Marble");
  • Fresh mushrooms (5-6 stuff);
  • Olives (half a jar);
  • Mayonnaise.

Salad "Melancholy", the recipe of which is now described, it will be puff. By the way, it is possible to file portions, and in one bowl for everyone. The taste is not affected.Tosca salad with chicken


If pickled onions are not at hand, then fit a normal bulb. It is possible to prepare. You will need vinegar (preferably Apple cider) and salt. Onion cut into half rings, put in a deep capacity. Then liberally sprinkle with salt, then pour Apple cider vinegar so that it was drowned. Olives is better to take pitted. They should be cut into rings, as thin as possible. Recommended cheese to grate, so it will be spicy. Pickles also cut into rings which are then divided into halves. Breast, you can just break it. Lettuce or Chinese cabbage, chopped. Mushrooms fried in a hot pan until cooked, then cool. The cherry tomatoes cut into halves. It is better if they are not too perespevshey and soft, otherwise it will give a rich juice.


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Putting some layers

Salad "Melancholy", the recipe of which is described now is going very fast. At the bottom of the bowl is laid out chicken breast, liberally lubricated with mayonnaise. At him evenly vystelite gherkins with herbs. Then put Chinese cabbage or salad. All liberally smeared with mayonnaise (you can by hand, but you can with a spoon). The following are a layer of olives and onions. Can mixed. The penultimate layer are mushrooms. They can be a little bit salt according to your taste. The final stage of preparation will be putting some of the tomato halves, which are abundantly sprinkled with grated cheese. Salad "Tosca" will look more interesting if it is decorated with a sprig of dill or parsley. Tosca salad recipe with photo

Unusual recipe

Every woman certainly wants to surprise guests with their culinary talents. And this can be done by preparing a salad "Melancholy" (recipe with photos in the article) not in the traditional style. That is not chicken, but, for example, with seafood. It turns out very tasty, and most importantly, quickly.


Not so many

  • Boiled shrimp, peeled (300-400 grams);
  • Lime and lemon (half of each);
  • Lettuce;
  • Chinese cabbage pickled (jar 200-300 grams);
  • Onions (2-3 medium onions);
  • Mussels boiled or pickled mushrooms (300 grams);
  • Canned mushrooms sliced (1 jar);
  • Cheese (150-300 grams);
  • Capers (1 Bank);
  • Fresh greens.

Tosca salad recipe

Training products

Salad "Melancholy" (recipe with photos above) requires a minimal amount of time to cook. Only need to finely chop the mushrooms, capers, greens, onion, salad and seafood. Lemon and lime are required to thoroughly wash, because in the recipe they will go along with the zest. Citrus cut into thin slices. Cheese, of course, grate (small). Shrimp can be a little lemon juice to better the taste. The same applies to mussels.


Make a salad "Melancholy", the recipe of which is described, can be as layered, and mixed. The last option, by the way, many Housewives like it more because less have to invest effort. Mayonnaise can add to the layered variant. Mixed salad "Melancholy" well impregnated with lemon and lime juice, with no additional sauces. Going it simple: all the ingredients are mixed in one large container (with pickled Chinese cabbage need to drain the marinade). Slices of citrus added when the dish is ready. Optionally, some juice to squeeze out separately.


Salad "Tosca" (photo above) presented in the mixed form. It is possible to make a layer. Everything is quite simple. Laid down the seafood (shrimp and mussels), are lubricated with a thin layer of mayonnaise. Then add the salad, which is finely chopped. On it lay out the capers and Bok Choy without the marinade. Them pour a small amount of grated cheese. Slices of lime and lemon placed on top. To spice up the salad, onions cut into half rings, pour citrus. Fresh greens with mushrooms placed on top. Them a little grease with mayonnaise, then sprinkle the remaining grated cheese.Tosca salad recipe

Do I Need to experiment?

Of Course, you can change the components of the salad as you'd like. This not only helps to create a dish that will appeal to your home, but also to create your ideal recipe. In fact, many in the version with chicken is often added crushed garlic, which gives a special taste and aroma to the salad. Therefore, the choice experiments remains. In the version with seafood, you can add not only mussels, but also squid, clams or crab sticks. But cheese does not replace. But you can choose what kind of variety will appeal to more. If it is too salty, you should reduce the amount of marinade or spices. It is noteworthy that the feeding dish can be as Autonomous, and not under any particular hot or side dish. If you choose the latter, then it is better to pay attention to boiled rice or potatoes.


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