Restaurant "Usadba" (Dzerzhinsk): a brief overview of the institution


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The restaurant "the Farmstead" in Dzerzhinsk for a long time it surprises its guests with perfectly cooked food and quality of service. This place is a real example of a European restaurant with a European service, where a beautiful meal will be accompanied by beautiful musical instruments. A place for real aristocrats from the first visit will seduce every lover of luxury and attention.the restaurant manor Dzerzhinsk


Despite its name, the restaurant "the Farmstead" in Dzerzhinsk did not like its interior old mansion. On the contrary, here everything is very modern European. The interior of the restaurant is conducive to conducting business meetings, dates or just meeting friends.

The Interior is done in cream and brown tones. This combination gives the overall picture a kind of nobility. Here lit rooms with exquisite sconces and chandeliers, inlaid crystals, and the Windows covered with rich fabrics noble chocolate color. Guests can sit on comfortable soft chairs or comfortable sofas a grey color, the total number of which is designed to fit 60 people.the restaurant manor Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod oblast

In the warm season the restaurant "USAD'ba" (Dzerzhinsk) opens for its guests a summer terrace, where lovers of the outdoors. It runs from late may to mid-September.


The restaurant "the Farmstead" in Dzerzhinsk daily delights its guests with beautifully prepared dishes of Russian and European cuisine. Of the menu offers cold snacks from meat, vegetables, cheese, pickles and spices, and fish. The institution also offers delicious salads (the"Winter king" of veal with pickled plums, "Olivier prescription 1917", "cuckoo's Nest", several varieties of "Caesar"), side dishes (rice with vegetables, steamed vegetables, grilled vegetables, French fries) and soup (borscht, "the Kremlin", grub, chowder, soup of quail, porcini mushroom).


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The range also has a few suggestions for hot dishes (lamb with vegetables, roast suckling pig in crispy crust, beef steak with vegetables, roast pan) and hot snacks are represented by several variations of Julien. A separate category dedicated hot dishes made from fish. From the available list of the most popular paroveja of sturgeon, sturgeon on the grill, "Raguli" of salmon and fillet different types of fish cooked with different sauces (fillet of a pike perch under Polish, trout in cream, etc.).restaurant HOMESTEAD reviews Dzerzhinsk

Separately for younger guests, the restaurant "USAD'ba" (Dzerzhinsk) offers a children's menu where the dishes are divided into age categories of young gourmets (for babies up to 1 year for children 1 to 3 years from 3 to 5 and for children older than 5 years).

The cooks of the restaurant "Usadba" is also spetsializiruyutsya on the preparation of dumplings - they are served here are stuffed with different meats (poultry, veal, pork) and served under different kinds of sauce (mayonnaise, sour cream, ketchup, butter). It also offers two kinds of dumplings: potato and cherry without sugar.

Fans of Italian cuisine will be able to indulge in several dishes, loved by the Italians. Here are cooking pasta (with crab in cream sauce "Linguini"), spaghetti (Carbonara, with Pesto sauce), fettuccine (with bacon and sauce "Basil", with seafood and sauce "Provansal").the restaurant manor Dzerzhinsk menu


The Bar menu presents a wide variety of cocktails ("Porto Flip", "Alexander", "old Fashion", "Mojito", "Tequila sunrise", "Bloody Mary", "Singapore Sling", "Landslide"), and shots of pure alcohol (vodka, brandy, liqueur, rum, tequila, gin, brandy, whiskey).

Separately, the restaurant "USAD'ba" (Dzerzhinsk) offers wine-list, which contains a large amount of white, red wine, champagne imported from different countries.

Tea Lovers and coffee will also find a good selection of these cafe estate Dzerzhinsk

Additional information

The restaurant is always happy to accept in the walls of a noisy group who wish to celebrate a particular event. This place often becomes a venue for a wedding, birthday or corporate event. It should be noted that the administration of an institution with great responsibility and enthusiasm is taken for the organization of such events.

the restaurant manor Dzerzhinsk

All fans of the hearty and delicious lunch a restaurant every day (weekdays) from 12 PM to 4 PM, on a business lunch. At this time the establishment has a special menu set menus prepared by the best chefs. It should be noted that the prices presented dishes are quite affordable.

For lovers of social networking in the restaurant there is a free hotspot Internet is available, which can be used by any guest.

The Administration recommends that before the visit to the restaurant in advance to book a table for yourself and your company. This can be done on the phone number provided on the official website of the institution or the group created in the social network "Vkontakte".

The address of the facility and operation mode

The School is open every day from 11 am to 11 PM.

The Address at which is located the restaurant: Dzerzhinsk (Nizhny Novgorod region), Lenin Avenue, 15.


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