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Cheese – unique in its nutritional properties of the product, which is useful for almost everyone. especially needed it at an early age, when there is active growth of the child, he starts showing his teeth, and the need for calcium and protein high, as you know, curd – one of the best sources of both. Unfortunately, in our time it is difficult to be confident in the quality of store products, and baby needs only the best, fresh and natural. There are, of course, special children's products but they are sometimes overpriced, and it isn't always affordable for young parents, especially if the kid is on artificial feeding. To help solve the problem of preparing cottage cheese at home from milk or yogurt is necessary fat.

In order to make curd at home, you need to either sour milk or already prepared yogurt. If you are stopped for milk, then it is best to buy the regular milk bags because, first, it has several options of fat, and you can select the required, second, it is guaranteed to sour in contrast to milk in cartons, thirdly, it is pasteurized and, therefore, it is safe, and, say, home-made milk for making cheese is usually not boiled, and the absolute security of such cheese is not guaranteed. If You decide to make cheese at home from yogurt, the yogurt in packages also will be the best choice. Milk can be fermented in the usual way, adding some dairy product and after waiting some time, and can speed up the process, heat this mixture on slow fire to full setting. It is advisable before doing this to wait a bit to let the milk curdle for sure.


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In order to prepare the curd at home, you need to heat the yogurt or sour milk in a special way so that it does not boil and is warmed evenly-so the curd will be tender and delicious. Ways to do this, there are several. The most reliable – water bath, but can also be in the oven, put the jar of starter. In any case, you will have to closely monitor milk and not miss the moment when the curds are fully separated from the whey, and it, in turn, will begin to boil, otherwise the cheese will get hard. I f you have decided that your option is to prepare curd at home, this time should learn to identify with maximum precision. Then the dishes need to remove from heat and wait until the serum is fully separating, and the whole mass will rise upward. After that, strain the whey through cheesecloth, better, folded in several layers, and cottage cheese ready. You can hang the cheesecloth with the curd for some time to excess liquid glass – then the curd will be more dry.

For those who can not eat acidic foods, as well as those who need increased calcium intake, it is possible to prepare calcined curds. It is made from milk by heating with the addition of the calcium chloride solution. Cooking curd at home this recipe is as follows: per litre of milk is taken two tablespoons of calcium chloride and added to the milk, heated to 40-50 degrees, and the resulting mixture brought to a boil. As a rule, the milk coagulates immediately after adding the solution, and if not, then you need to add some more as long as it still does not curdle. You need to constantly taste it after each addition, otherwise you may see a bitter taste, and the calcium content is excessive, and it's too bad. In order for the cheese for sure, you'd have to buy unboiled milk, for example, in packages. calcined curd is very delicate and has a very pleasant creamy taste, and little kids eat it with pleasure.

The Most delicious cheese, it turns out, of course, homemade milk. Very young children and people with certain diseases, it is certainly not ideal, but if there are no contraindications, and the belief in absolute safety of milk, it is best to prepare curd from it. Cooking curd at home from whole milk can be done in any of the above methods. If a jar of milk is left to sour not stirred, and then put to cook cheese in the oven – get a delicious cottage cheese with large chunks: this will not work none of store-bought milk. 

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