How long is the terminal stage?


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End-stage on average lasts about a year. The General condition of the patient worse. When the disease hepatitis cholesterol level is reduced, but may develop ascites and edema. Terminal phase proceeds with episodes of hepatic encephalopathy, while inherent in extensive bleeding from esophageal veins, which are varicose.end-stage

Often death, which is a consequence of infection or sepsis.

Colon Cancer. The etiology of the formation of colon cancer currently is not fully understood. But there are a number of factors that contributes to its appearance. The risk of colon cancer is higher in people who daily eat red meat also matters how the food is processed, not whether the carcinogens.

The presence of polyps in the colon increases the risk of cancer. Another risk factor is heredity. If in the family there were cases of cancer, it is necessary once a year to get checked out by qualified doctors.

Tags. Signs of colon cancer include: irregular bowel movement, bleeding in the intestines, abdominal pain, a false urge to defecate.terminal cancer

Intestinal bleeding is present in all patients with a diagnosis of cancer. In the initial phase all these features can be noted. End-stage cancer, anemia, paleness of skin, fatigue.

End-stage defecation accompanied by difficult on the background of intestinal obstruction, therefore, not uncommon that patients complain of a feeling of incomplete emptying.

Diagnosis and treatment.

The Diagnosis of colon cancer does not cause difficulty, now there are many ways to define this type of disease. Such methods can identify cancer in more than 60 % of patients that it is time to start the treatment.


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Malignant tumours medication will not help in this case, only surgery. Sometimes requires emergency surgery with the threat of life of the patient, for example, when opened, diffuse bleeding.

In addition to surgical intervention, cancer fighting with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. All treatments can be combined.end-stage renal failure


The Future of a cancer patient depends on the stage. In the early stages the patient may live for at least 5 years after treatment. With increasing stage of cancer poorer results.

Renal failure.

This form of the disease develops as a result of damage to kidney tissues and damage the nephrons.

Causes of kidney failure, pyelonephritis, polycystic disease, diabetes and other kidney diseases.

End-stage renal failure occurs with the following symptoms: grayish-yellow complexion, taste of ammonia in your mouth, sleepiness, lethargy, insomnia, and occasionally bleeding.

End-stage of kidney cancer is worsened by the presence of anemia. Not uncommon - occurrence of dyspeptic disorders, the signs are: vomiting, diarrhea, anorexia.

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