Can pregnant women swim in different waters?


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In pregnancy, the life of the expectant mother changes completely. In this significant period, it is necessary to follow a diet, hygiene and other doctor's recommendations.

Can pregnant women swim?

Most Often, expectant mothers interested in the question: "Can pregnant women swim in the sea?". Gynecologists recommend that women in the position to refrain from swimming if:

  • In the pond swimming is prohibited;
  • In the pond the water is stagnant;
  • Water temperature is below 20°C;
  • The stomach is empty or full;
  • The pool water is chlorinated.Can pregnant women swim

Notwithstanding the foregoing prohibitions, swimming for pregnant women nice and helpful:

  • As the process of bathing exercise the lungs and muscles;
  • As in this way the load is removed and tension from the spine and reduces swelling of the feet;
  • Because the salt water strengthens the immune system of expectant mothers;
  • The swim is in a good mood of mother and baby.

That is why some gynecologists to the question of whether pregnant women to bathe, give a positive answer.

Pregnant and swimming pool

Today, not every expectant mother can afford to go to sea. However, she can use the pool or the local pond. The usefulness of swimming in the pool for the baby and the expectant mom is known to all. Recently, aerobic for pregnant women are in great demand. After all, this sport supports the body in shape by relaxing the abdominal muscles. In addition, these exercises train the breathing and the cardiovascular system, which is excellent preparation for the upcoming birth. That is why many mums do not even think about can pregnant women swim. Note, however, that the temperature of the pool water should range from 24 to 28 degrees Celsius. In addition, experts recommend to fly only with coaches.Can pregnant women swim in the sea


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Pregnancy and baths

Can pregnant women take baths? This question is relevant to expectant mothers, especially for those who are informed daily took various water treatments. Strict gynecologists believe that such events can cause infection and other problems. Therefore, doctors recommended to stick to one shower. However, to take a bath with different salts and aromatic oils action (provided trouble-free pregnancy). You only have to follow the following basic rules:

  • Do not lock yourself in the bathroom;
  • On the bottom of the tub to spread the rubber Mat;
  • Baths should last no more than 15-20 minutes.

Can pregnant women bathe in the river?

Another pressing issue on the topic: "Can pregnant women swim?" is the adoption of water treatment in natural water bodies. This interest stems from the fact that some gynecologists believe that bathing in the river or lake water (usually not very clean) hits in the vagina and can infect the fetus. Can pregnant women bathe in the riverHowever, no risk is actually there. The main thing that the expectant mother abide by the elementary rules of hygiene, such as:

  • Don't swim in polluted water bodies;
  • Don't swim in cold water;
  • Not to open eyes under water without the presence of an underwater mask on the face and so on.

With all the recommendations of the gynecologist, swimming and bathing will not only improve the overall health of the expectant mother and her child, but also better prepare for the upcoming birth. Thus, the question of how can pregnant women go swimming, is very important, and you need to ask your gynecologist.

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