Shortness of breath: treatments and causes


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Everyone is faced with the fact that breathing became hard, and the air that got into the lungs, is simply not enough. Usually, this followed immediately after the body was given to any physical activity.

There is nothing strange in the fact that it's hard to breathe after he had to run, if he leads a sedentary lifestyle and is in bad physical shape. It is easy to fix-a couple of weeks of special exercises will bring the body to its normal state. Much worse when breathing becomes difficult at minimum load or without them at all. Shortness of breath, the treatment of which is discussed here, is an insidious disease, is able to torment even the most hardy person.

It is associated not only with the fact that not enough air, but with the fact that man cannot bring himself back to normal. He loses the ability not to work, but even just to move normally.

What are the causes of this illness

To begin with, what is shortness of breath pulmonary shortness of breath and heart. Treatment, symptoms and causes of these its species have many similarities, but the differences still exist.

Yes, breathlessness can be directly linked to problems of the heart. It can also be caused by diseases of the liver, kidneys, some other organs and, of course, disease of the lungs themselves. That is, it can be concluded that the shortness of breath often is not an independent disease, but merely a symptom of some disease.

In addition to diseases, worth mentioning are the possible causes of dyspnea as obesity, poor diet, alcohol, Smoking, sedentary lifestyle. Everyone knows that the fat man is not in perfect condition: it is very difficult to move, and the body is forced to withstand a huge load. Those who smoke and drink alcohol too, everything is clear - these negative factors harmful to health, and that there is shortness of breath. Treatment, of course, begins with finding the reasons and the methods by which the body is in good condition, are different - ocorrencia lifestyle to serzno drugs.


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Shortness of breath treatment

Treat this illness at home and at the doctor. To the doctor is recommended to apply in the following cases:

  • If you have asthma or any other serious diseases of the respiratory system;
  • In addition to shortness of breath you cough and raspy breathing very difficult;
  • Shortness of breath, and the air is not enough;
  • Have strong chest pain, numb feet, dizziness and so on.

It has been said that shortness of breath is often the symptom of a disease and then cure it by getting rid of the main disease. I think that here everything is clear without superfluous explanations.

But ways to treat shortness of breath, which is caused by other reasons, I would like to consider in more detail.

Stop Smoking! It is no longer fashionable, and a cigarette in his mouth is no surprise. Be aware that it does not give you anything in addition to numerous lung problems. For the sake of the experiment do not smoke for two weeks and observe how to change the breath. The result will surprise you.

Eat right. Switch from fatty foods and fast food to healthy food. Fruits and vegetables will fill your body with vitamins and cereals will give us strength. Of course, after switching to healthy food will disappear shortness of breath.

Enough to stay home! Do sports, go to the gym or in the street, try to run in the morning. For those who suffer from shortness of breath, we can recommend swimming as the sport in this case will be very useful.

Practice yoga and learn to breathe correctly – this is a very effective and useful for the entire body.

Shortness of breath Treatment folk remedies

Here are some recipes:

  1. One tablespoon rosemary add water (1 Cup) and boil for ten minutes. Drink two tablespoons three times a day. Do it before eating.
  2. Twenty gram dry leaves of Melissa pour a glass of boiling water and wait about ten minutes. Consume little by little up to three times per day.
  3. Pour vodka (one liter) pounds of honey and a kilogram of fat, goose. Stir well and place over two weeks in the heat. Take a spoonful thirty minutes before eating.

Shortness of breath treatment where we have considered very clever and can come back again and again even after all the causes have been eliminated.

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