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In 2014 it Celebrated its twentieth anniversary private medical institution bears the name of its founder – Sobolev Branchevskogo. Eye clinic in Samara has the largest clinic of full cycle, competing with the flagship state ophthalmology – with hospital. T. I. Eroshevsky. On her account-about 37 thousand operations with a lower percentage of postoperative complications than the average for the sector (46 %). What is living a medical institution, and which allows him to actively develop?clinic branchevskogo Samara

About the founder

In 2015, Sergey Lvovich Branchevsky celebrated the fiftieth anniversary as the founder and the permanent head of the eye clinic. He grew up in a family of ophthalmologists, and today his daughter is the successor of the dynasty Branchevsky, defended his thesis and working under his father. Sergey Orlov – the surgeon from God, personally performing over 10 million operations. In addition to possessing a doctoral degree is the author of the invention of ways to diagnose diabetic retinopathy at an early stage. Trained in Switzerland, Italy, USA, Germany, which at the moment is an expert in his field.

The Clinic Branchevskogo (Samara) grew out of the medical institution Samara medical University because of the belief of its founder that blindness and laboveta in eighty cases out of a hundred preventable, treatable or correctable. Its difference from the public hospitals Sobolev sees only in the presence of management and responsibility which takes the doctor to the entire cycle of patient care.


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Samara clinic branchevskogo reviews

Clinic branchevskogo, Samara: the offices and branches

Today, medical facility – three out-patient departments, two of which are for children.

Branch № 1 (children's)Unit number 2Branch № 3 (children's)
Novo-Sadovaya, 369а6th proseka, 161PR-t Lenina, 1

The Direction of correction of vision in children and adolescents began to develop in 2003, one of the important achievements of his are night lenses, used from the age of six. After a night of wearing these lenses during the day the child sees 100 % with decline of visual acuity up to 6 diopters.clinic branchevskogo Samara 6 proseka

It's major branches in the cities of Samara region: Syzran (Queen St., 15), and Novokuibyshevsk (Repina str., 11), established respectively in 2005 and 2012.

This is a chain of modern optics (in the buildings of the clinics and branches), where you can order progressive lenses, provide high visual acuity at the distance of the object from 1 meter to 3 meters, and the distance and up close. Using computer markup the lenses perform the function of vision correction for myopia (nearsightedness) and hyperopia (farsightedness) at the same time. Network exists from 2008-2010.

This laser clinic, opened in 1998, entered into force a year later a hospital, now located at: 6th proseka, 161.Branchevskogo eye clinic in Samara

Clinic branchevskogo (Samara, line 6): the main building of the medical institution

The Complex, which includes a full range of services (clinics, laser Department, hospital, optics), created in 2008-2010. The school is open six days a week schedule:

  • Monday-Friday: 9.00-18.00;
  • Saturday: 9.00-16.00.

The Clinic Branchevskogo (Samara) is receiving patients on a fee basis, and insurance. This requires the direction of the local clinic, where the patient is docked. Free-of-charge can be carried out cataract operation in a seamless way (phacoemulsification) with preservation of the zonular. It differs from suture (extracapsular extraction) that visual recovery is directly on the operating table, and after a week a person can withstand heavy visual load. Excimer laser surgeries consist of twenty-five year period, one of the first of them began to apply Brancovskaja.

Major achievements

The Clinic Branchevskogo (Samara) – a highly professional team of experts, which included five candidates of science, doctors of first and highest qualification with a scientific publication. Due to the constant search for effective methods of treatment medical institution mastered the premium vision correction individuals with impaired visual acuity more than ten diopters, which was not under force only laser surgery.clinic branchevskogo Samara official websiteCombining this method with implantation of phakic, accommodative and multifocal lens over the original lens, S. L. Branchevsky made restore vision in patients who have reduced vision to 20 diopters.

The Director-General attaches great importance to the availability of modern equipment, thanks to what most safe femtosecond laser of new generation for the first time in Samara was acquired by his institution in 2013

Feedback from patients

More than eight dozen posts in an open group "Vkontakte", where the health institution may speak the whole Samara. Clinic branchevskogo, reviewsthe activities of which are mainly of a positive nature is explicitly recognized as citizens. People undergoing surgery for cataract, laser correction, due to lower visual acuity and astigmatism, expressed gratitude to the medical staff for their professionalism and caring attitude, assistance in the rehabilitation period.

Negative reviews happen very rarely, and they are connected, as a rule, high prices for medical services.

The Website of the clinic as a means of dialogue with patients

To bring objective information to patients in full specialists have developed a lot of reference material, which is proud eye clinic Branchevskogo (Samara). The official site allows you to place booklets, a video message, news of ophthalmology, the dialogue between doctors and visitors of the web page. There is the opportunity to schedule online an appointment with any doctor.

All prices posted. Given the different income levels, the site post information regularly about current promotions to reduce the cost of patients. Well-trained ambitious colleagues clinic announces job openings that appear in connection with the permanent development of the institution. High quality and safety of services – the main credo of the staff of the eye clinic, respected citizens.

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